11-Year-Old Dies From Brain Trauma Despite Wearing Helmet

An 11-year-old Canadian girl died recently in a skiing accident. Though she was wearing a helmet, the protective device failed to prevent her from sustaining a serious brain injury. Her death highlight the need for parents to be vigilant about choosing the proper helmet when their children go skiing, biking or play sports such as hockey or football. Helmets should fit properly and parents should fit their growing children every year to ensure an appropriate fit. The article covering the girl’s death calls on the Canadian government to enact standards for all helmets to ensure safety in both children and adults. In the U.S., the CPSC has developed standards for bicycling helmets to prevent personal injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and groups such as the ASTM recommend helmets for skiing. To read the full account of the brain injury death that sparked the discussion of ski helmet standards in Canada, follow the link.

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