Awareness is Key Concern for Family of Brain Injury Victim

Those of us who work and discuss brain injury issues on a daily basis-like our Chicago brain injury lawyers-often forget that most community members rarely give any thought to issues like traumatic brain injuries. That is why it remains important for awareness efforts to be undertaken to inform community members of the risks, preventative measures, necessary policy changes, and legal ramifications of certain injuries. A recent article from the Evening Tribune focused on the same issues. The story profiled how one family has coped following their daughter’s traumatic brain injury. The family explains that the biggest challenge is raising awareness of the unique consequences of the injury and the way that their daughter faced various challenges which were often hard for others to appreciate.

The girl in this situation was fourteen years old when, in 2006, when she was riding on a school bus. Out of nowhere the school bus was rear-ended by another bus in the parking lot. The girl was taken to an emergency room where she was diagnosed with a concussion. The consequences were severe. The girl suffered from amnesia and the symptoms did not seem to go away quickly. For example, after the accident the girl had her mother drive her to school to pick up homework that she could do at home while she was recuperating. However, once she arrived at the school the girl did not remember where she was or where her locker was.

The injury itself was bad enough, but the family explains that another challenge was getting school officials to appreciate the severity of the injury. The girl’s mother explained that the school was not prepared to deal with the consequences of the injury or understand how it would affect the girl’s educational needs. For example, the girl had short-term memory loss, was often fatigued, reading and writing were a challenge. Some more esoteric topics were seemingly forgotten altogether-like algebra.

Unfortunately, the family explains that awareness efforts regarding the effects of TBI are greatly needed in the school. They explained that school administrators provided little support during this time. There was little communication between school departments, claim the family, which made it difficult for the high school girl to receive the support she needed to recover while still learning.

The family in this case sought out a brain injury lawyer who ensured that the family’s legal rights were protected throughout the aftermath of the injury. Our Illinois brain injury attorneys are similarly available to help all local families who may have loved ones hurt in a variety of ways as a result of the misconduct of others. Visiting an attorney following incidents does not automatically mean that a lawsuit will be filed and a trial will be had. In some cases negotiations can end in a resolution before a suit is filed, and in most cases there is some sort of settlement before a trial. At the end of the day there is nothing to lose from at least receiving the basic counsel of an attorney to see how the law applies.

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