Baseball Player Sued After Friend Falls From Deck and Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury

Our brain injury attorneys were interested to learn about a case in which a professional baseball player has been sued by his friend after the friend fell off of the player’s back deck at his house and suffered from severe physical injuries as well as a traumatic brain injury. According to The Houston Chronicle, the brain injury lawsuit names not only the baseball player, who plays for the Atlanta Braves, but also names the building contractor and the home inspector as parties. The personal injury lawsuit alleges that the negligence on the part of some or all of the parties made the deck railing unsafe for people to lean against, and in turn led the victim to suffer all of the physical injuries that he did.

The victim in this brain injury lawsuit was friendly with the player and was over at his house and was hanging out on the deck, which was on the second story of the house. He claims to have leaned on the railing and fallen through the railing, and fell around fifteen feet to the concrete ground. As a result of this fall, the man suffered the traumatic brain injury, and other physical injuries including fractures to his spine. The victim alleges in the lawsuit that the fall would not have happened if the railing had been installed properly and therefore that all of his injuries are because of the negligence on the part of someone responsible for the building of the house, the deck, and the railing.

Traumatic brain injuries are brain injuries that occur from some type of event, where the head is hit or jarred. This type of injury is different from a brain birth injury or a brain injury that is the result of an illness. Traumatic brain injuries are typically associated with a traumatic event, often times a fall, like in this specific personal injury lawsuit. A traumatic brain injury could result in all different types of physical issues for the victim, and depends on what part of the brain was affected, and upon how serious the injury was to the head that led to the brain injury. Depending on the severity of the traumatic brain injury, the recovery process may vary. In very serious cases, the victim may face a lifetime of therapy and recovery. In this type of personal injury case, the medical bills may be very high and many victims have trouble covering these costs, especially since they may be unable to work as a result of the severe head injuries.

If you or a loved one suffered from a traumatic brain injury as the result of someone’s negligence and have ongoing medical bills and continuous pain and suffering from the injury, you may have a possible personal injury negligence lawsuit that can be filed against the parties responsible for the personal injury. Our Chicago based personal injury lawyers have helped clients all over Illinois with their personal injury and brain injury lawsuits and have recovered millions of dollars for the clients in order to help compensate them for what all they have been through.

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