Blind Cord Accident Leaves Toddler with Permanent Brian Injury

Our Illinois brain injury lawyer closely follows all stories where injuries affecting the brain are found. It doesn’t take long before it becomes clear that brain injuries can strike in a wide range of circumstances, affecting victims from every segment of society, from our elderly to newborn infants. In all cases, the harm is real. However, there is always something particularly tragic about brain injuries that affect children, because the consequences will likely last their entire lives. It is even more tragic when the injury is the result of strange circumstances that could seemingly have been prevented if only simple safety steps were taken.

For example, the Daily Mail reported this week on one of those heartbreaking cases involving brain injury, this time having to do with a blind cord accident. The cord incident has left a two-year old girl permanently brain damaged and paralyzed for the rest of her life. The news story explains how the toddler was put to bed by her parents just like every other night. However, this night would go horribly wrong. Not long after she was left alone in her room, the two-year old got out of bed and began walking along her window. Unfortunately, in the process the child became entangled on the looped cord used to maneuver the blinds in her room. The cord ended up around her neck, and began suffocating her. The suffocation cut off oxygen flow to her brain, eventually rendering her unconscious.

The child’s father happened to be wandering by the bedroom not long at the incident began and peered in to check on the girl. To his horror, he saw her dangling on the blinds. He immediately puller her down, began CPR, and called for help. Emergency crews were able to stabilize the child but not before significant damage was done. All told the girl spent a week in a coma. When she awoke the oxygen deprivation had caused permanent brain damage. She will never again be able to walk, talk, or feed herself. The young victim is currently working through rehabilitation at a special facility for severely disabled children. Obviously the life the girl’s expected for her will be much different after this tragedy.

The Illinois personal injury attorneys at our firm are shocked every time that we read stories of such tragedy. However, through the years we have come to appreciate that the danger that certain products, objects, and designs pose to unsuspecting consumers and their families. These defectively designed blind cords are just one of many household items that have been found to severely injure or even kill. It is for that reason that these looped cords have already been banned in the United States, specifically because of the dangers they pose to young children. Of course, the enactment of the ban did not mean that all homeowners who already had these cords were suddenly safe. Many homes still have the cords in place either because the homeowners didn’t change them or were unaware of the danger they posed.

But the risks of injury make it incumbent that all those who control environments where young children reside investigate and correct the problems if necessary. This includes day-care operators, babysitters, school administrators and those in similar positions. Without careful observation, accidents strike with alarming frequency. It may seem that these tragedies are pure flukes which can never be guarded against, but once one accident strikes, there is no reason why lessons can’t be learned from it to prevent future harm. Our Illinois brain injury lawyers are proud to work with families whose young children have suffered permanent brain injuries because of accident that could and should have been prevented. We urge those involved in these situations to get in touch with a legal professional as soon as feasible to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Even when an accident strikes which may seem to involve no negligence, upon further investigation it often becomes clear that carelessness led to part of the problem. Please give us a call if you or a loved one may have been hurt in this way to see if we can help.

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