BMX Pro Remains Hospitalized Following Traumatic Brain Injury After Bike Accident

Football receives the most attention when it comes to head injuries and sports. But many other events present incredibly high head injury risks as well–including many “extreme” sports that have grown in popularity quickly over the last decade and a half. Lawyers working on brain injury cases in Chicago, Illinois, and throughout the country appreciate that it is critical for reasonable steps to be taken to keep all of these athletes safe.

For example, ESPN reported last week on the latest developments in the case of DK Bicycles BMX professional athlete Brett Branasiewicz. The 17-year old athlete suffered a traumatic brain injury during a crash at a bike contest last month. He has been hospitalized for three weeks following the accident, though his family is hopeful that he’ll be moved to a inpatient traumatic brain injury rehab facility this week.

The Athlete Recovery Fund reported that Brett recently had a feeding tube removed. However, he still is unable to speak and there are concerns about an infection that he may have developed during his recovery.

Fortunately, many neurological experts explain that this athlete is lucky in that, with proper rehabilitation he may make a full recovery. Many other TBI victims either have too severe damage to make a complete recovery or do not have access to the resources they need to receive full rehabilitation support.

Tragically, even in the case of this professional athlete there are financial concerns which might interfere with his recovery. Brett signed up for a medical care program before the accident, however his insurance will not cover out of state rehabilitation care. That is why many in the BMX world are working to secure donations to help pay for the care the young man needs to fully recover.

Concerns about money and rehabilitation are not unique for brain injury victims. It is never as simple as either having or not having insurance. That is because many insurance programs offer only the bare minimum of support. This often cuts off necessary rehab, with obvious implications on the individual’s ability to fully recover following an accident.

Bike Accidents & TBI
This tragic situation is a reminder of the need to be safe whenever you are on a bicycle. While this accident involved a professional athlete doing extreme stunts, even riding a bike down the street can lead to a serious head injury. It goes without saying that proper safety gear, including a working helmet, should be worn at all times.

Attorneys working on legal cases after these accidents know, however, that preventing these accidents is not as simple as urging that bicyclists act safely. That’s because many bicyclists are injured even though they are reasonable at all times. Instead they are hurt by the dangerous conduct of others–often car and truck drivers. Various travelers need to share the road safely–including cars, trucks, bikes, and pedestrians. When anyone fails in that regard, serious injuries often result. When that happens, those hurt by the wrongdoing of another can use the civil justice system to seek recovery and redress to ensure they have financial support to recovery as fully as possible.

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