Brain Injury Awareness Society Celebrates Twenty Five Years

Brain injury victims and their families need support. In ways that cannot be compared with other injuries, the victims of head trauma often have their lives turned upside down, affecting all those around them. It is one thing to suffer broken bones, cuts, or other problems that have physical consequences for the victim. It is another to suffer mental problems such as changes in memory, personality, communication, and other life skills. It is not an exaggeration to say that many families have reported that their loved one often seems like a “different person” after their injury. The changes can be tough to deal with, and as with other tough situations, it is often helpful to have the support and camaraderie of others who have gone through the same thing.

But, as our Chicago brain injury attorneys have previously discussed, it is often difficult for the victims of these injuries to find the resources they need to help deal with the situation. Support groups are few and far between. That is why our Chicago injury lawyers were pleased to read this week in the Meridian Booster about one brain injury support group that is recently celebrating its Twenty Fifth Anniversary. The Lloydminster and Area Brain Injury Society (LABIS) gathered this week to honor the occasion-marking a quarter century of providing support to victims of these injuries and their families.

According to the report, 60 people made it to the event, which featured a keynote address by one brain injury victim who explained the multitude of challenges he has had to overcome since his injury. The current executive director of the organization was also honored for her ten years of service to the group. One of the brain injury support group’s founders was on hand to receive an award as well. It was explained that the founders started the body after having family members who suffered head trauma. The duo began running a recreation program for all those in the area who had suffered brain injuries. Initially the organization provided these services once a week. However, the popularity of the activities continues to grow, and now the group provides three days of recreational activities every week. These activities are free for participants and funded by government grants and fundraising. Besides helping the injury victims, the programs are also intended to provide respite for the victim’s caregivers.

The interaction is seen as an important part of the healing process for victims. The group’s executive director explained that “it gets them out with their peers and out into the community. It’s social recreation with a rehab component.” The Chicago personal injury attorneys at our firm know that it takes a community to recover fully from many brain injuries. We honor this organization for its longevity and hope that many other groups follow suit. It is particularly important for those hurt by the wrongdoing of others to know that resources are available to seek accountability, provide personal support, and in other ways help the victims get on with their lives.

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