Brain Injury Lawsuit Filed After Bridge Accident

The Connecticut Post recently discussed a new lawsuit filed against a negligent contractor by two bridge workers, one who suffered a brain injury following a damaging accident at a work site.

The suit claims that the contractor in charge of the construction of a bridge support system on Interstate 95 was recklessly negligent during the process last October. The construction required the use of a steel reinforcement cage in which concrete would then be poured. This process is known to be dangerous, because the cage itself is unstable and capable of falling if not properly supported. The safety measures to protect against that risk is a simple one that is relatively inexpensive.

Because of the known risk, it is common practice for the steel cages to be secured to concrete blocks using metal cables. Those securing cables are obviously not to be removed until the work is complete and the risk of collapse is removed. However, in this case, the concrete blocks and metal cables were removed in the middle of the construction, making the structure highly susceptible to a fall while workers were still using it. A field engineer even warned to contractor about the situation, noting that the cage was literally swaying in the wind.

Unfortunately, the cage ultimately collapsed while several workers were in the area. One member of the construction crew, Fernando Fernandez had the cage fall directly on top of him. As a result, he suffered critical injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, cortical blindness, bone fractures, and organ damage. The brain injury led to complications, like functional deficits. A second worker was also hurt in the accident, suffering a series of injuries.

The lawsuit claims that the contracting company failed in its basic duty to abide by standard safety regulations. Our Chicago brain injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti have worked with many victims and their families following accidents such as these. Debilitating brain injuries are often the result of improper safety measures at dangerous work sites. No one should be forced to work in an area that poses a clear risk of harm like that suffered by the construction crew in this case. If you or someone you know may have fallen victim to this type of error, please contact a brain injury lawyer today.

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