Brain Injury Lawsuit Filed After Man Falls on Hotel Steps

According to This is Plymouth, a new brain injury lawsuit was recently filed by a man after a fall at a hotel left him fighting for his life. According to the report, the victim was visiting a room in the hotel with his partner. The victim was walking down outside stairs from the second to the first floor of the hotel. He was at the top of six steps when the man fell and hit the concrete below. Per documents filed with the court initiating the claim, the victim claims that the hotel floodlights were not working properly, making it impossible to see the steps. In addition, a handrail was apparently not installed, a hose was lying across the stairs presenting a tripping hazard, and slick, wet leaves had accumulated on the steps.

As a result of the accident, the man has been left with sensory and memory problems. Doctors also explain that he is at risk of developing epilepsy and dementia as a result of the significant head trauma he suffered in the fall. All told he needed two major operations, had a titanium plate inserted into his head, and required months of rehabilitation. Following the accident and its aftermath the victim was unable to continue working as a quality services manager.

As this case demonstrates, the consequences of these injuries are far reaching. Many victims are ultimately unable to continue working as they did before, either because mental or physical complications from the injury prevent them acting as before. Of course, losing one’s job is a significant injury, and victims often spend years trying to get their lives back to working as it was before the loss Often the full scope of consequences of these accidents is not appreciated by community members until they or a loved one is forced to deal with it themselves.

Beside car accidents, falls are the second biggest cause of brain injuries in our area. As in this case, it does not necessarily take a fall from a significant height to cause significant damage. Here the man only fell down six steps. However, depending on the material and the specific parts of the body in which contact is made during the fall, the results can be serious. Some community members may also have particular vulnerabilities to falls. For example, many seniors have medical conditions which may make them at risk of suffering greater injury from a fall than others might have suffered. In virtually all civil matters, a legal principle known as the “eggshell plaintiff” rule would apply in these situations. That means that the negligent party takes the victims as they are, not as a “normal” victim would be. In other words, if an elderly person is seriously injured in a short fall that may have been harmless if it happened to a young person, the party responsible for the fall is still required to pay for the damages actually suffered by the elderly victim. It is irrelevant that the damage was greater specifically because of the victim’s unique vulnerabilities.

Our Chicago injury lawyers know that getting basic emergency medical care is only the beginning of the recovery process. With many brain injury victims, that recovery process lasts a lifetime. Whenever one is injured in one of these accidents which could have been prevented had others acted properly, they should get in touch with out brain injury lawyers to learn about how the law applies in their situation.

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