Brain Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Hospital & Physician on Behalf of Newborn

Many brain injuries develop just before or just after a child is born. These birth injuries are frequently preventable and often traced by to inadequate care being provided by medical teams. When they are rooted in mistakes made by doctors and nurses during delivery, then medical malpractice lawsuits are often appropriate to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions and to ensure the brain-injured child has access to resources to receive support for their injury throughout their lives.

Those exact circumstances and goals are at the heart of a new brain injury lawsuit filed by a couple alleging mistakes were made during the birth of their son which led to his brain injuries. According to a story about the case in the Morning Sun, the mother first went to the medical facility after having a relatively healthy, normal pregnancy. She visited her medical provider on several occasions and no problems were found. After 38 weeks of pregnancy the mother and doctor decided to have the labor induced-this was not an abnormal time for induction.

The mother was a bit nervous about the procedure from the outset. In particular she was worried about the inducement drugs like Misoprostol and Oxytocin. The doctor told her not to worry about the drugs, and that everything would be fine-a prediction that would turn out to be grievously wrong.

A fetal heart rate monitor was used during the birth, but according to the medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed, that monitor was not properly analyzed. Apparently, the child’s hear rate actually dropped to a dangerously low rate over 40 minutes before its actual birth-a condition known as bradycardia. Low heart rate is incredibly dangerous for a fetus, because it may indicate lack of blood and oxygen reaching the brain. In this case, when the low heart rate was actually discovered the doctor first tried to conduct a vacuum extraction of the child. That did not work, and so a Cesarean section was eventually performed.

By the time the child left the womb, it was too late to avoid injury. He was forced to spend almost a month at the hospital. A year after his birth he was diagnosed with a form of cerebral palsy. Now two years old, it remains to be seen exactly what long-term consequences the child will face as a result of the birth injury. However, it is clear that damage is severe.

The Illinois brain injury lawyers at our firm have worked with many families who suffered harm in the same way as the couple in this case. When these sorts of injuries develop during the birthing process, in many cases it is the result of inadequate conduct on the part of those charged with medically steering the mother and child through the process. The costs of these injuries over the course of a lifetime are quite high. It is only appropriate for the institutions responsible for the injury in the first place to help handle some of those costs-that is one of the main outcomes of successful settlements or verdicts in these cases.

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