Bret Michaels Settles Brain Injury Lawsuit Against Organizers of Tony Awards

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys have often shared the myriad of ways that traumatic brain injuries strike which can be connected to the negligence of another. A lawsuit filed by well-known 80s rocker and reality star Bret Michaels highlights one of those ways.

According to a report by NBC Chicago, the rocker was at the Tony Awards show-the annual Broadway honors-when he was hit in the head by a piece of stage equipment. The incident was actually aired-becoming a viral online video. As evident in the video, the set piece hit the musician as he was leaving the stage following his band’s performance as part of the show. The injury did not at first seem as severe as it eventually became, leaving the signer with a lip injury and a broken nose. However, as often happens in accidents involving head trauma-the actual injury was more severe than initially suspected.

In Michaels case, the documents filed with the court which initiated the lawsuit suggests that the injury also caused bleeding on the brain. He was hospitalized the following year, with doctors finding that he had a brain hemorrhage. He eventually suffered a stroke. The accident almost killed him.

Fortunately the signer was able to pull through, but not without going to a lengthy ordeal. He eventually filed a brain injury lawsuit against the organizers of the Tony Awards for their role in the event which led to the stage accident. CBS Broadcasting was also named in the suit. The singer claimed that he was not warned that there would be a set change, meaning that he was not prepared to avoid the accident which ended up causing him such severe injuries.

This week the case was finally settled out of court. The suit had originally been filed in March of 2010. After a few jurisdictional issues and a mediation session, the parties reached consensus on a resolution. No individual details were provided about the agreement other than that it was amicable.

There were issues in this case about the proper amount of compensation, because the singer claimed that the injury hampered his ability to perform future shows. In general negligence lawsuits seek to compensate victims for all of the harm caused-including lost future wages. However, there is often contention on the specific amount of that future compensation. The disagreement might be particularly strong in cases like this one with very flexible future earnings figures.

This case is a testament to the often hidden, dormant nature of many brain injuries. Each Illinois brain injury lawyer at our firm appreciates that many residents have head injuries strike seemingly without any long-term injury. The injury instead does not surface until much later. Many residents never actually make the connection between the original incident and the injury. The only way to truly protect against this is to seek out proper medical treatment whenever one is in an accident with head trauma. Little is lost by being cautious with these sorts of injuries.

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