Can a Brain That Has Been Injured, be Healed?

Brain tissue that has been injured leading to brain damage cannot be repaired; however, the brain itself may be healed somewhat depending upon the severity of the injury and whether the sufferer received immediate medical attention after the injury.

Whether the head injury was as a result of a brain aneurysm leading to a stroke, a concussion type injury, criminal assaults leading to injury, auto accident or slip and falls, such injuries should never be taken lightly. Early medical treatment may increase the chances of the sufferer’s recovery.

The Brain is the Center of our Individual Universe

Brain injuries are very serious, that goes without saying. Organically speaking, the brain is a soft tissue organ, housed in the skull and is the functioning center of all our sensations, intellectual and nervous system activities. All our cognitive abilities, memories and auto reflex activities such as breathing stem from our brain functioning. In other words, the brain is actually the center of our individual universe. When our brain is injured, depending upon the severity of the injury, the cells located in the injured area that are responsible for keeping the body alive and well may be damaged, and as a result, those cells will die. In the case of brain injury, if any portion of the brain is not impacted by the injury, those portions left intact may have an opportunity of healing to some degree.

Stroke Type Brain Injury

If the brain has been damaged, for instance by a stroke, and the sufferer survives, there is a chance that the brain will adapt and provide some level of functioning for the sufferer. This is where rehabilitation becomes so useful if applied in the beginning when the individual sufferer is first injured.

Brain aneurysms caused by clogged and hardening arteries and aging can lead to a rupture and stroke type brain injury. Some risk factors that can lead to brain aneurysms can be controlled, and others cannot. The factors that can increase your risk for a brain aneurysm, that are within your control are the obvious, diet, exercise, and smoking. Those risk factors that are out of your control are matters of heritage. When the brain is damaged by a stroke, the cells die and they cannot be repair from such damage. The brain tissue undergoes something called “liquefactive necrosis” as changes to brain tissue will form around the damaged area. Medically speaking, “liquefactive necrosis” is a form of necrosis that transforms tissue into a thick sticky substance. The substance is removed by our white blood cells and a fluid filled space is left. Swelling after a brain injury will impair the brain functioning in the tissue that remains alive, this is why immediate medical attention is so important, as the brain swelling must be brought under control immediately if the patient is to survive.

Although brain tissue that has been damage after an injury cannot be repaired, it may be possible for portions of the injured person’s brain to heal to some extent. With medical treatment and rehabilitation, it is possible for the brain injury sufferer to regain some measure of mental and physical agility. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury either from the negligence or the intentional acts of another person or entity, it is important that you consult with an experienced brain injury attorney, as soon as possible. He will be there for you, and make sure your rights are protected. Please call the law offices of Levin & Perconti at (312) 332-2872 for a free consultation.

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