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Every day bring news about the large fungal meningitis outbreak that has affected residents across the country. This weekend was no exception. According to recent reports from NBC News, the infected count has risen to 197 patients in 13 different states. In addition, for the first time one of those new cases was identified in Illinois. As we have previously noted, the Illinois Department of Pubic Health has already explained that three APAC clinics in Illinois disbursed the spinal steroid injections. Those clinics include the APAC facility in Westchester, APAC in Lincoln Park, and at the Thorek Memorial Hospital. The IDPH explained that those patients affected shoudl already have been contacted and tested to determine if they’ve contracted the meningitis as a result of the injection.

Brain Membrane Infection

Meningitis is a serious brain inflammation and infection that can prove fatal if not properly treated. Most cases of meningitis are linked to pathogens like a virus or bacteria. However, it can also be caused by a fungus. That is what happened in this case, as several batches of a spinal steroid made at one compounding pharmacy were apparently contaminated. Those batches were sent to medical clinics across the country and eventually made their way into the patient bodies. The steroids were finally recalled in September but not before upwards of 13,000 patients received the injections throughout the summer.

Target has announced a product recall to remove roughly 350,000 woven toy chests that are potentially hazardous to children. According to the New York Times, the recall comes after an 18-month-old child suffered a traumatic brain injury after her neck was entrapped by the lid of the chest. When the lid fell on her neck, it cut off oxygen to her brain, which led to severe brain damage.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission website reports that the product poses a strangulation threat among small children who may reach into the chest for toys or other items. The lid is prone to dropping suddenly which can entrap a child’s head and neck and cut off oxygen to his or her brain. The CPSC website reports that the recall covers 14 models sold between February 2009 and April of this year. If you own one of these models, the CPSC and Target recommend that you stop using the chest immediately and return it to a Target store for a refund. To learn more about this product recall, click the link.

When defective products cause serious injury to children and adults, it is crucial that consumers are notified and these products are recalled. The CPSC works hard to protect consumers by pulling products from the marketplace. However, sometimes it takes legal action to motivate manufacturers to remove dangerous products from the marketplace or make safer products. Our team of product liability lawyers strive to make sure that negligent manufacturers are held accountable when their products cause people to suffer significant personal injuries or death. If you believe that you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of a defective or dangerous product, we can work with you to hold manufacturers responsible. Contact us online to speak with an experienced Chicago injury lawyer about your potential claim.

The children of an Illinois man have filed a product liability suit against two corporations for negligence that occurred during their father’s lung surgery. The operating doctor used the device as intended but due to the corporation’s negligence the medical device failed leading to surgical error and major blood loss. The children claim the surgical device manufactured by the defendants malfunctioned which caused their father brain damage and other severe personal injuries.
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Chris Clear, 19 years old, was helping to move a roto-tiller when he felt what he thought was a rock hit him in the face. In actuality, a metal pin from the roto-tiller had shot into his brain. After the accident, his nose began bleeding profusely, which is when he went to a local hospital, and they x-rayed his neck, where the pain had shifted. The hospital sent him home after the x-ray, incorrectly diagnosing him with only a cervical sprain. The second trip to the hospital revealed the true problem: the large metal pin had lodged in Chris’ brain. Apparently the blunt end of the pin went in through his nose, past his eye socket, and got lodged in the back of his brain. Chris’ prognosis was grim: death, paralysis, mobility and speech impairments were all distinct possibilities. Chris was fortunate, however, the pin missed several major arteries and after a 9 hour surgery the pin was removed and he is almost like new. The only left over symptoms: if he touches his scar his front teeth go numb and his taste in food has changed, but that appears to be it. While Chris is lucky to be alive and well, he did not have insurance coverage at the time, which means the expensive surgery costs will be great to bear. To read more click here.

Trasylol medical product recall is another announcement its manufacturer Bayer made earlier this month. Trasylol used during heart surgery was recalled after findings that the drug relates to surgical personal injuries. The drug product recall may be too late as many patients already suffered kidney problems, stroke brain injuries and even personal injury deaths. Although medical drugs like Trasylol may have been FDA approved a FDA recall of Trasylol leaves many seeking redress. Trasylol lawsuits will no doubt appear throughout the nation, and in Chicago, Illinois just as those for many other FDA recalled drugs. To see the full story of future wrongful death lawsuits in the making click here.

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