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Pathways, a new film by Brandon and Tiffany Verzal, records the trials and tribulations of several patients in their struggle to recover from traumatic brain injuries. The 75-minute documentary sheds light on the extensive and grueling rehabilitation process. It focuses on the lives of four patients of varying ages, including their two year-old daughter, Alexis, who suffered a severe brain injury at a daycare. Her injury is consistent with shaken baby syndrome and authorities believe that Alexis may have been thrown by her day care provider, who begins trial next month.

The film premiers this week and is set to hit the film festival circuit.

Click the following link to the article in the Lincoln Journal Star for more information on Alexis, her family, their struggle to recover from traumatic brain injury, and this enlightening new documentary.

A 7 month old baby boy died from a serious brain injury. The brain injury was caused by the child’s father who shook the child. There have been 3 deaths already this year from children suffering brain injuries by their parents. The man was charged with assault. To read more about this brain injury victim, click here.

Two Illinois parents were accused of killing their baby. The baby suffered what is believed to be a serious brain injury. The brain injury was caused by shaking the child. The parents are being brought on charges of first degree murder. The evidence also shows the child has had a history of brain injuries. To read more about this child’s traumatic brain injury, click here.

A man caused a two month old child to suffer a brain injury when he shook the child with his hands. The man is being charged with felony abuse for the brain injury he caused. The baby became unresponsive and was taken to Lexington Medical Center. The doctor said the baby suffered multiple injuries, including a serious brain injury. The baby is in critical condition with his brain injury. To read more click here “Brain Injury

In the May issue of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatric calls upon pediatricians to learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of abusive head trauma. In addition to recognizing these symptoms, pediatricians should also know when to consult a specialist regarding treatment of these injuries. The AAP also recommends the use of the term “abusive head trauma” or AHT rather than the commonly-used term “shaken baby syndrome” to address any abusive injury inflicted, not just in shaking cases.

Shaking an infant may result in various brain injuries and other neurological problems. These injuries may affect the child throughout life. Some conditions that arise from shaking incidents include mental retardation, cerebral palsy, blindness and seizure disorders. Read more about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new recommendations for recognizing these types of brain injuries.

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