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Most traumatic brain injury cases stem from high impact incidents like car and truck accidents. However, falls are also a common source of these injuries. You do not have to be going 50 miles per hour upon impact to cause head trauma–even short falls, if they involve contact with a hard surface–can prove deadly.

Sadly, that is what happened to a local nursing home resident. In a case that recently went to trial, our attorneys represented a family whose loved one died a few months after suffering severe head damage in a nursing home fall. Following the incident the resident was diagnosed as suffering a subdural hematoma. This is a serious injury where there is bleeding on the surface of the brain.

The 81-year old male resident was at the Imperial Grove Pavilion in Chicago when the incident happened. As is common in these situations when a vulnerable resident suffers an injury, the harm lingered. Eventually, about nine months after the fall, the senior passed away. It was determined that the man’s death was connected to the injuries he sustained in the accident.

Target Corporation has agreed to pay $7 million to an 81-year old woman who suffered a severe brain injury when an automatic door at a Target store in Rosemont, Illinois, malfunctioned. This is a record settlement in Cook County for a brain injury to a woman over the age of 60.

A glitch caused the door to close on the plaintiff, Claire Putman, as she was walking through the store’s entrance. This knocked her to the ground, causing her to hit her head. She was than hit in the head again by the door itself as it continued to open and close. Ms. Putman was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma and, despite undergoing surgery to repair her injury, she suffered permanent brain damage and cognitive defects that have required her to move into a nursing home.

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