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Illinois construction accident injuries are one common way that local resident suffer a brain trouble. Some brain injuries are caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain that develop at birth during the child’s delivery. However, when a birth injury is suffered in other contexts, it is usually the result of severe trauma to the head from a significant blow. That is why sports injuries often involve brain trouble, because they are the result of contact during the game. Similarly, construction areas are often the site of injuries that involve harmful, severe head contact.

Construction accident brain injuries often have lifelong or even fatal consequences for those involved. The severity of many of these accidents makes it vital that those in charge of safety at these work areas take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents and ensure that timely treatment is provided afterwards such that the lives of those involved can be saved. Unfortunately, serious harm caused by these incidents continues to affect residents throughout the country.

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys were saddened to learn of the death of a construction worker late last week. As reported in The Saratogian, a 62-year old Department of Transportation worker was killed as a result of a head injury while he was working on a bridge repair. According to reports, the man was in the basket of a boom truck underneath the bridge when he hit his head on the bridge’s steel support. The impact was strong, and it caused immediate damage. Witnesses report that the man became immediately incapacitated. Another employee on the scene was able to override the controls of the basket and maneuver it down. However, the severity of the injury made recovery impossible and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys recently read that Warner Brothers production studios had a brain injury lawsuit filed against them by a stunt double who was cast in their movie, Hangover 2. The personal injury lawsuit alleges that the stunt double was riding in a truck that was moving very fast, while they were filming a scene for the movie, and another car crashed in to the truck that the stunt double was riding in. The reason that the victim alleges negligence on the part of the production company is that the victim believes that the stunt called for the car to be moving at a speed that was too fast to be safe for the stunt double to have to ride in the car. The lawsuit alleges that had the company set a lower speed for the car to be moving at, that the victim would not have suffered the severe brain injuries that he did as a result of the car accident.

The stunt double suffered the injury back in December of 2010 and is said to have been in a hospital or rehabilitation center in Thailand (where the movie was being filmed) ever since the accident first occurred. The brain injury lawsuit seeks damages for the stunt double’s medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and for expected costs for treatment that will be necessary because of the extensive level of his head and brain injuries. The personal injury lawsuit also seeks money damages on behalf of the stunt double’s domestic partner, because she has remained in Thailand since his injury to be with him and to take care of him, and has been unable to work.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the brain injury has left the stunt double with brain trauma, with speech impediments, with multiple seizures, and with physical injuries. Given the extent of these severe head injuries, and that the damage is still very present nine months after the accident, the brain injury lawsuit seeks damages for continual care for the victim. While the lawsuit was just recently filed, and no definite numbers have been released in terms of the damages that the victim and his domestic partner are seeking, the production company has stated that they are offering their support and want to work together with the plaintiffs to try to solve any of the issues that the plaintiffs have with the production company.

The Quad City Times recently reported on a trial involving an injured plumber. A Scott County jury recently awarded a couple in Coal Valley, Illinois $3.6 million in a brain injury lawsuit.

In 2006, a plumber was working in a trench as sewer and water service was being installed for a home under construction in Davenport. The trench collapsed when a skid loader drove too close. Rescue efforts successful dug the unconscious plumber out of the collapsed trench but the plumber suffered permanent brain damage in the work related accident.

The skid loader was being operated by an employee of Alliance Concrete Construction LLC of Davenport, Illinois. At trial, the injured worker and his wife were seeking damages from Alliance for lost wages and past and future medical expenses.

During the trial, the plumber’s wife took the witness stand and testified about dramatic changes in her husband’s behavior since his accident. She testified that since his brain injury, her husband suffers from severe nightmares that have caused the couple to sleep in separate beds at night.

The jury awarded the wife $300,000 for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium refers to the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship due to injuries.

The defense attorney for Alliance argued at trial that the injured worker was at least partially responsible for his own injury because he failed to use a trench box and other safety precautions. The jury found the plumber 40 percent at fault. As a result of the plumber’s own negligence, he was awarded $1.8 million of his $3.6 million verdict. In Illinois, if an injured party is partially at fault for his or her injuries, then the total recovered amount may be reduced in proportion to the degree that the injured party was at fault.

For the full article on this brain injury case, see the Quad City Times.
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An employee for Horner Electric died after he suffered a traumatic brain injury while at work. According to Justice News Flash, police believe that the man suffered a brain injury that caused him to either fall or become crushed by the moving parts of a machine. The report states that the victim’s coworkers discovered him lying on the ground and called for emergency workers. When EMT workers arrived at the scene of the workplace accident, the victim was pronounced dead. Read the full coverage of this tragic brain injury accident.

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