Woman Suffers Brain Injury in Sledding Accident

Fox 59 reported that a 20 year-old woman was critically injured after falling while sledding in Indiana. The victim suffered a brain injury from the accident. The victim’s mother described the injury as a “basal skull fracture” that required surgery to reduce the swelling. The victim is currently in a medically induced coma, and will remain as such for the next two weeks.

When sledding is mentioned in conversation it is typically thought of as a relatively “safe” activity. Perhaps our perception of the sport needs to change. Sledding can be extremely dangerous, as evidenced by the tragedy that the victim and her family now face. A combination of high speeds, hard ice, and frequent falls is undoubtedly a dangerous one.

Like most young adults who go sledding, the victim was not wearing a helmet when her Chicago brain injury lawyers hope that the victim can make a quick and full recovery from her injury. Sledding is a dangerous activity and must be treated as such. We encourage participants of any winter sport to use the proper safety gear and equipment to decrease your risk for serious injury or even death.

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