Child Head Injuries Decrease, but Death Rates Hold Steady

New information reported by My Health News Daily presents somewhat mixed news about efforts to protect children from head injuries. The publication explained the results of a new brain injury study which found that the number of children hospitalized for head injures has decreased in recent years. Of course, this is good news for all advocates who understand the dangers posed by brain injuries and the lifelong consequences that the damage can have. However, at the same time, the rate of death from head injuries has remained the same.

Overall, this may mean that parents, coaches, teachers, day care providers and others are doing a better job of preventing these harmful injuries. But the results also show that even the increasingly aggressive treatments used by doctors to save the lives of victims are not working all that well to keep victims alive. Also our Chicago brain injury lawyers were troubled to read that the research found that African-Americans and newborns are at an increased risk of dying after suffering a head injury. There are likely a mixture reasons for the age and racial disparities in these figures. Those involved in this latest study claim that more work is needed to understand why the disparities exist which will in turn will allow those involved to work to improve awareness in the target groups. The study’s chief explained that the increase exposure of the age and racial differences “the better able we are to tackle and prevent these injuries.”

The study, which was published in the American Academy of Pediatrics, analyzed a database to identify children who were hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries over a recent three year period. Children who suffered a variety of head injuries were included in the research, from concussions to severe bleeding on the brain. There were roughly 175,000 total injuries identified, and the yearly totals decreased over the three year study period used. Researchers believe that this is attributable to increased awareness about the dangers of head injuries, causing caregivers to ensure safety measures were followed more closely. For example, the increased use of bicycle helmets among children may have played a key role.

Yet, the mortality rate for these injuries remained the same-around 3.5 percent. The most serious head injuries were typically those caused by being hit by a car, falling, and bike accidents. In the most serious cases, victims require emergency head surgeries, including craniotomies where a part of the skull is removed. In total, newborns were 2.8 times more likely to die from their injuries, while African-Americans were 1.4 times more likely.

Unfortunately, even when parent do everything in their power to keep their children safe, they still suffer a head injury. Our Chicago injury lawyers know that oftentimes these injuries are caused by the negligence of third parties. When that occurs, be sure to get in touch with a legal professional to ensure that your child’s legal rights are respected. The legal system allows victims to receive compensation for their losses, so children can have access to the resources they need to recover as much as possible.

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