Childproof Balcony Advice, After Toddler Dies From TBI in Fall

When a child suffers a traumatic brain injury odds are it occurred in one of two ways: an automobile accident or a fall. These two situations account for a large majority of head trauma affecting youngsters. All efforts seeking to limit the occurrence of these injuries must take a hard look at those particular accidents and ways that they can be prevented.

Much focus has already been given to car safety. The use of seatbelts, proper child safety restraints, and basic safe driving techniques are all absolutely essential. In addition, car manufacturers have been encouraged-through a variety of means, including injury lawsuits-to make important changes to the design of vehicles that make them much more secure for travelers. All of these efforts should be applauded. In addition, each Illinois brain injury attorney at our firm believes that we can continue to do more to promote safety behind the wheel, a step which will go a long way to limiting brain injuries in youngsters and adults alike.

A bit less attention has been focused on preventing falls. That is likely because falls come in a range of different forms. For example, Devon News published a heartbreaking story this week about a fall that a toddler took off a apartment balcony. The young boy was just shy of his second birthday when he apparently fell 300 feet to a cement area below. He suffered a severe brain injury as a result of the fall, and he ultimately did not survive. An investigation into the tragedy following the accident has shed more light on exactly what happened. The young boy was apparently on a chair near the balcony looking down. The child’s brother was on the ground below. The toddler was apparently calling to his brother from the balcony when he apparently lost his balance and tumbled over the railing.

Our Chicago traumatic brain injury lawyers remind all local residents of the necessity to ensure all spaces like balconies are safe and secure. Accidents may always happen, but there are certain steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of one of these deadly falls occurring. For example, supervision is vital for children who are not old enough to fully understand the risks of high spaces and hard surfaces. On many occasions it is prudent to have doors locked and access to the balcony restricted in case younger children try to get out onto the area without adults being made aware.

Safety considerations also apply to those who manage public spaces or rent apartment where balconies are involved. Railings should always be the proper height. The stability and soundness of the balcony should also be guaranteed. In Chicago, for example, there are frequent problems with large balconies that are left in disrepair. Landlords often do not fix these balconies. Tenants and guests can unsuspectingly face serious injury if the balcony collapses. In those cases, the legal system allows victims (and their families) to seek legal recourse to hold those wrongdoers accountable for their negligence.

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