College Athlete Dies as From Head Injury Sustained at Football Practice

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys were saddened by the news that a young college football player has died as a result of head and brain injuries that he sustained on the field during football practice. The traumatic brain injury occurred sometime during football practice at his college, and the victim’s parents and teammates are not sure exactly what happened during the routine practice that caused the severe brain damage that led to the young man’s death. The young athlete was hospitalized following the head injury and died as a result of those injuries, close to a week after the incident.

While the victim’s family is not positive as to what exactly was the cause of the brain injury, the family is sure that the injury was the result of head trauma and not due to any type of existing condition. According to The New York Times, the family of the victim stated that the victim had always been very healthy and had suffered no serious medical problems in the past. The victim’s parents did not know of any concussions that their son had experienced in the past, and were not aware of any specific instances of head trauma. The young athlete’s teammates that were present at the time the head trauma occurred said that the victim complained of feeling dizzy and woozy, and then collapsed after he was helped off of the field. The young man was then taken to the hospital where he later died from complications from his traumatic brain injury.

This particular incident is especially of concern to our brain injury attorneys because while head injuries and death are often linked to football, boxing, and other sports that involve serious physical contact and hits to the head, most injuries of this time do not occur in college aged athletes. This type of severe brain injury is most commonly found in high school athletes under the age of 18, and some older athletes that have suffered years of brain damage. The reason that head and brain injuries of this type are not as common in athletes of the college age is that teenagers tend to be more susceptible to hits to the head, and are more likely to develop swelling and brain bleeds, even more so athletes that are slightly older. This type of tragic brain injury and death occurring in someone the victim’s age is very upsetting and has many brain injury specialists confused.

At this point it is not clear whether the family will be filing a brain injury lawsuit against the school, or the doctors, or anyone else, and the family’s main goal right now is to figure out what happened to their son and to try and warn others so that other families do not have to go through this same terrible trauma that they have suffered through. Our Chicago brain injury attorneys at our personal injury law firm have helped victims of traumatic brain injuries, and their families, throughout the difficult time following these tragic injuries and are here to discuss what has happened to you or your loved one and what possible options are available.

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