College Football Player Dies From Brain Injury

According to a report on the Missoulian’s website, a college football player has died after suffering a traumatic brain injury during a scrimmage over the weekend. The article notes that during play, the 21-year-old was hit in the head after tackling a teammate in one of the last plays of the game. Shortly after, he began vomitting and seizing on the sideline, both signs of a concussion. Trainers immediately called 911 and he went to a local hospital but was soon taken by medical helicopter to another medical center.

The young man was diagnosed with an acute subdural hematoma as a result of the blow to the head. According to the Medline, this condition occurs when blood collects on the surface of the brain and usually occurs after serious head trauma. The bleeding creates pressure on the brain and calls for immediate treatment to relieve intracranial pressure, such a crainotomy. In this victim’s case, the pressure caused severe and irreversible brain damage and he died one day later.

Sports injuries are one of the biggest contributors to serious brain injuries. Over the past year, the issue of head injuries among football players has been prevalent in the media and according to, the NFL recently announced that it will fund research at Boston University to study the effects and prevention of repetitive brain injuries in football players. For any athlete, whether biking, skiiing or playing football, it is important to wear the proper protective head gear to reduce the risk of head injuries. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these sports, injuries may still occur even when precautions are taken. To learn more about this tragic death due to brain injury, follow the link.

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