College Football Player Receives $7.5 M in Brain Injury Settlement

23-year-old Preston Plevretes, a former college football player, reached a settlement with LaSalle University, four years after he suffered a serious brain injury during a football game. The personal injury settlement was reached for $7.5 million and will cover the young man’s ongoing medical care and treatments for life. In 2005, Plevretes was knocked unconscious and fell into a coma after a hit during a game. Doctors performed emergency surgery to reduce swelling in the brain, however they could not repair all of the damage and today he has difficulty walking and communicating. According to the lawsuit, Plevretes suffered a concussion several days before the game during practice. The plaintiff’s injury attorney contended that because the university did not treat the concussion, it left Plevretes’ brain in a vulnerable state. Plevretes’ attorney noted that when someone’s brain is already swollen, it can quickly swell up and can easily lead to a herniation. This is likely what caused his life-changing injury. To read the full report on this brain injury settlement, click on the hyperlinked text.

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