Doctors Struggle to Properly Treat Brain Injuries

The Illinois brain accident lawyers at our firm know that one of the main benefits of holding those who cause these accidents accountable is the hope that the accountability will lead to the prevention of future accidents. Many injuries-including those affecting the head-often result in some permanent damage. Medical science has not solved all of the problems related to these situations, and so for many victims there is no returning back to normal. What is perhaps particularly painful about these injuries is that while the body of the individual exists just as it was before, the mind is forever changed. For families this presents painful situations where a loved one’s memory and personality are often forever altered. There is no easy way to deal with one of these accidents, and so a main goal for all those working in our area is to prevent Illinois brain injuries from striking in the first place.

New information reported yesterday in the Washington Post reaffirms the ultimate need to prevent these injuries, because the sad fact remains that most medical professionals still do not have clear strategies for treating traumatic brain injuries. A 250-page report was recently released by the Institute of Medicine which was produced at the request of the U.S. Defense Department. The federal agency is seeking information on the best way to treat the many returning military veterans who have suffered brain injuries. Many of the victims have experienced a variety of problems such as clouded thinking, poor planning and judgment, bad moods, and other issues. The injuries result in employment problems for the returning vets and also result in higher than normal instances of family conflict. The results of the report seeking to improve their situation are less than satisfying.

Overall the fourteen experts who prepared the report found that it remains incredibly difficult to consistently treat these injuries. There is no magic formula or drug that can be doled out to solve the problems. One of those involved in the project explained, “It doesn’t mean beneficial therapies don’t exist. It just means that at this point in time it’s hard to ascertain them.” It will take a lot more work before medical professionals understand what to do to help the many community members afflicted with these brain injuries. Unfortunately, many more victims of brain injuries exist than some would expect. For example, nearly 200,000 military members alone have been diagnosed with these problems in the past decades. Many others involved in sports collisions, car accidents, slip and falls, birthing complications, and other situations have also developed brain injuries.

Considering that medical professionals are still in the early stages of understand the proper therapies to treat these situations, more focus should be on prevention. Our Chicago traumatic brain injury lawyers have worked with many victims and their families whose injuries were caused by the negligence of others. Rooting out that negligence and preventing the accidents before they occur is an essential step in saving lives and sparing families from the lifelong complications wrought by these head injuries.

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