Family Donates Funds to Help Victims After Infant Suffers Brain Injury

Many families have had their lives turned upside down when their young children suffer a childbirth brain injury. Those in our area have not been spared, as our Illinois brain injury attorneys have met many families over the years working through the complications caused by these problems. Understandably many families are lest devastated in the aftermath of these accidents, particularly when they results the death of a loved one. Fortunately, some families are able to work through these tragedies and try to create something positive out of the situation.

An article last month in the Lower Hudson News shared the story of a set of parents that did just that after they lost their young son to a brain injury. This particular family found their lives turned upside down eleven years ago when their son was born with severe brain damage. The child’s mothers explained that the injury was caused by problems during the birth of the child. The infant had oxygen deprived form his brain because of the birth problems, and that deprivation led to the brain damage. This is one of the most common ways that children are afflicted with brain injuries. The damage to this child was of such a severity that his life was in jeopardy essentially from the moment he was born. Unfortunately, the boy was ultimately not able to survive the brain damage; he died eight months after his birth. The family was understandably devastated by the loss.

The boy’s parents decided not to let the loss of their son become dominated by sadness. Instead, they created a foundation to help others in their son’s name. Since its creation the foundation has attracted a variety of supporters who have donated time and money to the cause. As a result, they have been able to provide more than $500,000 to local charities that help young children. Many families whose young children suffer brain injuries are faced with tremendous medical and caregiving costs. When close care must be provided through the life of one of these victims it is not uncommon for the costs to actually reach into the millions. To help ease the burden for some, the foundation has provided assistance such as buying a therapeutic gym for infants with brain damage and providing special equipment for those who have trouble communicating and with mobility issues. In addition, the foundation has an educational component that seeks to spread information about the causes of some brain injuries, particularly those that arise because of complications during childbirth.

It is inspirational to know that there are many who fight through the emotions involved in the loss of a loved one to help others in similar situations. Our Chicago brain injury attorneys applaud the efforts of this family and all those who work to ease the burden faced by victims of brain injuries. The social, emotional, and financial costs of brain accidents are staggering-it is difficult for many families to keep up. At times brain accidents are caused by events that could not have been prevented. However, on many other occasions the root cause of the problem is the negligence or misconduct of another. For example, if a medical professional fails to do something properly during childbirth resulting in oxygen being deprived to the brain of a newborn child, then that child will often face lifelong brain problems. In those situations it is logical for the wrongdoer to help responsible for the consequences of that mistake. If your family has been hurt in this way, please contact our legal professionals at Levin & Perconti and see how we can help.

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