Family of Patient that Died While Under Care of Drug Rehabilitation Center Sues for Damages

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys recently learned of a brain injury/wrongful death lawsuit that was filed by the mother of the victim of negligence that died while he was supposed to be receiving treatment at a drug rehabilitation center. The young man had been in the center for only two days when he died of hypoxic brain injury following what is believed to have been an over dosage of a medicine as well as an allergy to that same medication that he was being given at the rehabilitation center. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that not only was he given medications that his body was not reacting well to and too much of that medicine, but that he was not monitored or paid attention to even after he was clearly reacting negatively to the medication.

Once the brain injury/wrongful death lawsuit was filed, family members of other patients from the facility also spoke out about all their problems with the drug rehabilitation center. Allegedly, other patients were also over-medicated and not monitored properly, and at least one of these other patients died as a result of this alleged negligence on the part of the rehab center. According to The Tennessean, the rehab center has just spent a great deal of money on expanding the rehab center and the center is the largest in the state. In addition to the claim that the patients are not medicated properly and are not monitored properly, many patients and their families feel that the center was severely understaffed, which could also add to the lack of monitoring patients issue. As a result of the issues that have been reported in connection with this facility, the state has at least temporarily stopped sending underage drug abusers to this particular facility for treatment. The fact that this kind of negligence may be occurring, and that patients may not actually be receiving the help they need, is very upsetting especially at a center that has the resources available to really be able to help their patients with their drug addictions.

The young man’s hypoxic brain injury may have resulted directly from the over-medication and from him not being monitored properly. A hypoxic brain injury occurs when the flow of oxygen to the brain is disrupted, and in this young man’s case that disruption was too severe and led to his death. If he was receiving too much medication, or the wrong medication for his body, a hypoxic brain injury could result. The rehab center claims that if the victim’s medical records were viewed that it would be clear that he was treated properly and that his death was not the result of the center’s negligence. However, the rehabilitation center will not release the victim’s medical records for what they claim is a confidentiality issue.

The wrongful death lawsuit seeks about $13 million dollars in damages for the family of the young man that died while a patient at the rehab center. This amount of money seeks to offer some type of compensation to the family that has had to suffer as a result of the negligence on the part of the drug center. If you or your loved one was at a facility that was supposed to be helping and monitoring their patients, and their failure to do so led to an injury or even death of a patient, please contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys to talk about what has happened to your family and to see what options may be available to you.

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