Family Struggles To Find Support Services After Brain Injury

Brain injuries can wreck havoc on the lives of their victims, not least of all because potential cures are few and far between. Our Illinois brain injury attorneys know that unlike other injuries, much mystery surrounds most brain injuries, and many victims have a difficult time coping with the effects that the harm has on their lives. For example, this weekend The Telegram reported on one family that admitted they are having a hard time finding the support they need to get on with their lives after the injury.

The family’s trouble began when a 50-year old father of three fell over a step earlier this year, suffering a severe cut on the head and internal bleeding on the brain. The injuries were serious, and surgery needed to be performed to relieve the pressure on the brain caused by the internal bleeding. However, the surgery was not able to prevent complications from developing. Since the accident the man has had memory problems and is often confused. He is now a permanent wandering risk, and can virtually never be left alone, otherwise he risks hurting himself. Because he is single and all his children are under the age of sixteen, the man’s sisters were required to move him into an assisted-living facility, because they could not ensure his safety if he lived alone.

Unfortunately, most of the other patients at the assisted living facility were older individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Upon living at the facility the man’s condition actually deteriorated. He began mimicking the residents. His family let his caregivers know that they were concerned that the victim was not getting any mental stimulation and that his recovery was affected as a result. The man was eventually able to be transferred to a different ward where he is allowed more freedom. His condition seemed to be improving , but he recently suffered another fall and hip fracture that require even more rehabilitation.

The family has voiced their concern that there is no proper location for this recovery where he can be placed among his peers. Long-term care facilities for seniors are rarely an appropriate location for young residents with brain injuries to receive therapy. The family wants the man to receive actual therapy in an effort to stimulate his mind and return some of its function. However, as of now the family has not been able to access the therapy services they need.

Our Chicago injury attorneys know that Illinois brain injuries are some of the most tragic accidents affecting local residents, because the consequences are very difficult for entire families to deal with. In many cases, these injuries are caused by the misconduct of others. They are caused by unsafe drivers, falls while on unsafe premises, and preventable sports injuries. When another person or business is negligent leading to the injury, it is reasonable for the victim and their family to pursue legal action to ensure that the victim will have access to all the medical and rehabilitative services possible to recover.

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