Father Files Medical Malpractice Suit Claiming Brain Injury Improperly Treated

The Register-Guard reported last week on a new brain injury lawsuit that was filed by a father against a hospital on behalf of his injured adult daughter. The medical malpractice suit makes claims that the doctors involved in the care of his daughter did not act properly when caring for the woman after she had suffered a stroke. As a result of their inaction, alleges the father, the woman suffered a permanent brain injury that will affect the rest of her life.

The incident occurred a year and a half ago when the woman went to the hospital claiming that she had suffered a seizure, was nauseas, was vomiting, and had a four-day long severe headache. Unfortunately, the medical professionals at the facility she visited did not provide much care. She received some treatment and was sent home the same day.

Her problem did not go away. The very next day she went back to the hospital with more problems. The seizures had continued, she found herself unable to response to other normally, her jaw was clenched, and she could not move the left side of her mouth properly. It wasn’t long before tests revealed that the woman had suffered a stroke. At that time she underwent emergency treatment, but her injuries cascaded. According to the suit she “sustained a profound, disabling, permanent brain injury.” In the aftermath of the incident the woman required multiple surgeries and was in the hospital for almost half a year.

According to the suit that was filed in the aftermath of the situation, had doctors provided appropriate care when the woman first went to the emergency room, then much of her subsequent injury would have been avoided. As a result of the error the woman racked up more than $1.5 million in hospitals bills. She is expected to have another $5 million in bills for the medical expenses that she will need the rest of her life. Of course, that is not even accounting for the severe mental and emotional pain that has been caused by the situation. The lawsuit is seeking recovery for all of those losses.

Our Chicago brain injury lawyers understand that most of our discussion on this blog revolves around traumatic brain injuries. Strokes are not traumatic brain injuries, and they are not caused by severe trauma to the head-like those in car accidents or falls. However, the damage that can result to the victim is just as damaging. There are few cases where things like strokes can be directly attributable to the negligence of another. Doctors involved in the care of the patients are obligated to provide reasonable care in the aftermath of a stroke. In addition, if a patient visits a medical professional exhibiting signs of stroke and the doctor fails to notice or act appropriately, then the caregiver may have acted negligently.

Unlike traumatic brain injury cases, those involving failure to provide proper care in a hospital is a form of medical malpractice. Somewhat different rules of law usually apply in medical negligence cases. However, in the end the root problems in the same in all of these brain injury suits-another party did not act reasonably, which caused the victim to suffer brain damage.

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