First Extensive Concussion Prevention Program and Testing Law Enacted

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys were happy to see that the state of Arizona just became the first state that required that all student athletes enroll in and complete a concussion education program and pass a test making sure that they understand what they have learned about concussions before they are allowed to play in that state. According to the PR News Wire, the association that fought for this law to take effect said that they recognized how serious and dangerous traumatic brain injuries can be and that recurring concussions often lead to this type of serious permanent damage to athletes.

While twenty-eight states have laws that require some level of concussion education, this program is the first and only program currently in place that is directed specifically at student athletes, and the only current program that require the athletes to complete a test on what they have learned before the athlete is cleared to play within the state. The program is an online educational program, which is intended and designed to appeal more to the younger generation, so that the athletes will pay more attention to what they are learning and realize how important it is to learn about and how potentially dangerous concussions may be if they are not treated in the appropriate way.

The reason that concussion education is so important in connection with sporting injuries is that players need to be aware that if they ignore concussions and are not fully checked out before going back on the field, they may risk serious long term brain injuries caused by repetitive concussions. By educating athletes of the danger of concussions and teaching them about how to prevent concussions, hopefully the number of concussion related brain injuries will reduce in the sporting world. While this is just one state that has enacted this full educational program, the hope is that this will inspire other states and teams to enact similar programs that aim at concussion prevention.

Many players and their families have not been educated about the dangers of concussions and of continuing to play immediately following a concussion, but recently more and more doctors, sporting associations and teams are realizing how important this issue is and that many sporting related brain injuries are preventable. When the proper precautions are taken on the field or the proper steps are taken following a concussion or other type of hit to the head while playing sports, many brain injuries may be prevented. Whether it is through educating the players and their families, making sure that all helmets are up to the necessary standards, assuring that once a player is hit they are not sent back on the field until they have been thoroughly checked out by a doctor, being aware of the danger of head injuries in sports is very important for everyone involved.

Coaches and sporting associations owe their players a duty of care and should always disclose any information they have available regarding dangers to their players and are acting negligently if they decided to withhold this information from their athletes. If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury that resulted from years of head trauma from sports, and were never taught about the dangers of repetitive concussions, please contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys today to discuss your options.

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