Former Beauty Queen Discusses Brain Injury Recovery Following Fall

Traumatic brain injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Automobile accidents are likely the riskiest activity for TBIs that most community members engage in each day. But there are a limitless number of ways that one might suffer severe contact to the head which causes a brain injury.

The Huffington Post reported this week, for example, on a TODAY show segment featuring the former Mrs. Idaho discussing her near-deadly TBI suffered after a fall during a fishing trip.

TBI Accident
The incident occurred earlier this summer while the 36-year old woman was on a salmon fishing expedition. She was with her husband and brother-in-law in a canyon spot. The group set up on a culvert and threw in their lines. It was not long before the woman got her first bite. She pulled back sharply on the rod. However, at that moment her foot was caught on a grate and she was thrown backwards. She ended up falling about 12 feet down before hitter her head a boulder.

Seeking out the help of a forest ranger, it eventually took a boat ride, ambulance ride, and helicopter ride to finally get the woman out of the canyon and into the medical center. Once there doctors found that her brain was swollen and compressed against her skill. She also had bleeding on the brain.

Amazingly, doctors were able to perform some odds-defying operations. Nearly 25% of her skull was removed to relieve the swelling. To protect the skull to be reattached later, the doctors stored it under the woman’s own abdomen. While kept inside her body the skull remained nourished and sterile. This procedure is known as a ‘”hemicraniectomy.” It it actually somewhat common in brain injury cases, to relieve swelling and prevent the dangerous pressure of the brain in the closed skull cavity.

About a month later the woman underwent a second surgery to reattach her skull. According to family reports, it all went well. She continues to recover and is slowly able to do house chores and even drive.

Financial Consequences
Like many who suffer TBI, on top of the immense physical, mental, and emotional strain of the injury are concerns about money The report notes that the women in this story did not have health insurance. As a result she has already racked up well over $100,000 in medical bills. As she works to fully recover she will no doubt continue to face mounting bills for medical expenses and therapy.

The sad reality is that financial concerns are almost always a factor in brain injury recover. Our lawyers know that is can be quite frustrating and add enormous stress to an already incredibly trying experience. Making matters even worse is the fact that when it comes to brain injury recovery, the amount and scope of therapy and rehabilitation makes a big difference in many cases. Those who do not receive all of the post-injury help that they can often do not recover as much as possible. Lack of financial resources is often a factor in the failure to receive that complete care.

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