Former Illinois Athlete Files Brain Injury Against Eastern Illinois University

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys recently learned that a former Eastern Illinois University football player has filed a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) claiming that the association failed to protect college athletes, such as himself, from brain injuries associated with repetitive concussions. The brain injury lawsuit alleges that the college sporting association was negligent in allowing the players to receive concussions and then get right back on the field shortly after their head injury.

The brain injury lawsuit is one in which the former player hopes to establish a class action lawsuit, meaning that he wants to join other former college athletes in his lawsuit to also give them the opportunity to recover for any damages they suffered as a result of the sporting association’s negligence. The amount that the brain injury and negligence lawsuit is seeking from the association is not known at this point but will likely not only seek damages for medical expenses but also for pain and suffering that has resulted from this negligence. This brain injury lawsuit is similar to the ones that are being filed by many former National Football League players against the League, alleging that they have developed permanent head and brain injuries because of the years of concussions they suffered and because the League allowed them to play with these severe head injuries.

According to The Associated Press, the specific brain injuries that the individual former college athlete has suffered have led him to have trouble finishing his college degree. The player received multiple concussions while he was a player for the team, and kept being sent back out on the field without the proper and appropriate testing that he needed. It was not until after the player starting suffering from seizures that the team decided to send the player to a doctor to be further tested, and that is when it was discovered that he had suffered brain damage while a player on the team.

In addition to seeking damages for the injuries that he has suffered, both physically and emotionally, the football player that has filed the brain injury lawsuit alleges that he filed the lawsuit in order to try and get the association to change the policies and procedures that are in place whenever a player suffers from a concussion. The former player claims that he wants the association to realize the danger that they are placing their players in when it comes to concussions, and wants the association to make changes that will protect future college athletes from the brain injuries that he and many other former players have suffered from while playing football.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys have helped out victims of brain injuries all over the state of Illinois. When you suffer a personal injury and someone else is responsible for your injury, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person of institution that was responsible to compensate you for what you have had to experience as a result of their negligence. If you or a loved one have suffered from a brain injury that was due to someone’s negligence, please contact our Chicago brain injury attorneys to discuss your case and talk about what options are available to you or to your loved ones.

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