Good News: Brain Injury Studies on the Rise

The prevalence of news articles about traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) exemplify the magnitude and seriousness of the problem across a wide range of activities and industries. The National Football League is attempting to settle a multi-million dollar lawsuit instituted by former and present players and their families. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is also in the midst of controversy regarding the alleged mishandling of concussions and TBIs among virtually all collegiate sports. The federal government even has a lot at stake as military personnel face extreme TBI risks during battle. But all of these concerning TBI issues are leading to some positive results.

The Huffington Post is reporting that extensive news coverage is leading to increased medical research on this serious problem. According to the article, media and information giant Thomson Reuters conducted a study about the frequency and volume of TBI research and scientific reporting. The organization reportedly considered thousands of books, scholarly magazines and conferences in searching for TBI topics. The initial study results produced more than 31,000 informational pieces. From there, the researchers identified the most scholarly and medically sound works and concluded that TBI research studies quadrupled over the last 13 years from approximately 1,000 in 2001 to almost 4,000 thus far in 2014.

Who’s Writing and What it Means

According to the study, the University of Pittsburgh and University of Pennsylvania top the list in TBI research citations. Harvard University and Virginia Commonwealth University also ranked high. Internationally, the United States is producing most of these scientific publications, but Canada and many European nations are also reportedly taking on the brain injury issue.
While these studies suggest an increased interest regarding the seriousness of brain injuries, they also represent a surge in potentially life saving analysis. According to the National Institute of Health, medical research is beneficial in a variety of ways:

***Dramatic increases in the frequency of conditions – As researchers develop innovative prevention techniques, they are able to educate the public and promote actions that will decrease the number of new cases. In the case of TBIs, this work is obvious in the new policies undertaken by the NFL and NCAA to prevent the rate of concussions and brain injuries.

***Development of new and innovative treatment options – Medical research frequently includes the development and testing of new treatments, including medication and surgical techniques, along with natural based remedies. Among TBI injuries, these efforts are seen in the use of oxygen chambers to encourage healing through the release of stem cells.

***Increased funding options – As published research calls more attention to a subject, it attracts funding from a variety of public and private sources. Earlier this year, federal officials announced that the federal government will provide millions of dollars for continued research in the prevention and treatment of sports-related TBIs.

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