Head Injury Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Ex-Football Players

Our Illinois brain injury lawyers know that besides being one of the most dangerous injuries to sustain, head trauma can also be difficult to detect. Unlike other types of harm that are immediately identifiable, many brain injuries are not readily apparent. The brain injuries can cause deterioration over time if not treated. Fortunately, there continue to be new medical advances that allow professionals to detect these earlier and provide treatment to prevent further harm. It is vital for all those in a position to prevent, identify, and or treat these injuries to do everything in their power to do so.

Market Watch reported on the new Illinois brain injury lawsuit which we previously discussed that suggests the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) may be failing to protect players from suffering head injuries and getting the medical help that they need. The class-action lawsuit specifically alleges that the NCAA is neglecting its duty to protect college football players from concussions. The complaint filed this week in the case claims that the governing body of the NCAA has not done enough to discourage coaches from teaching tackling methods using the head and failing to screen for head injuries. In addition, the class-action lawsuit claims that the NCAA was failing to provide necessary financial support to those players who need medical assistance after they leave school.

We have long-reported on the steady stream of evidence that concussions occur much more frequently than many believe, and that many of the head injuries are never detected. High school and college athletes in certain high-impact sports-like football-are particularly likely to suffer concussions. When not detected, and therefore not properly treated, the long-term consequences can be severe. For example, experts have linked the head trauma to permanent brain damage, depression, early-onset Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other conditions.

The suit claims that while the NCAA implemented safety measures in the 1970s to address the issue, they have not adequately enforced those measures. Student-athletes are suffering as a result. The athletes initiating the suit claim that they want to force the NCAA to institute a medical monitoring program. The goal would be for the program to gauge the long-term effect of head trauma on athletes, and then allow those athletes to receive compensation for all of the medical costs associated with the injuries sustained while they were in college.

Our Chicago injury attorneys are well versed in the consequences of concussions. Far too many athletes face life-long problems because of injuries that they sustained while playing sports in school. It is incumbent upon all those involved in the safety of these players to do everything in their power to prevent the injuries, and provide all the necessary treatment when an injury does occur. If you or a loved one may have suffered one of these injuries that might have been prevented, please give our office a call and see how we might be able to help. The civil justice system can provide redress for the victims of these injuries and their families to provide for both the short and long-term consequences.

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