High School Football Players Have Undiagnosed Brain Injuries

The Chicago Breaking News Center reported this week on a new study that suggests that many high school athletes have suffered brains injuries of which they are unaware.

The study out of Purdue University involved the close monitoring of a high school football team. Overall, 21 players were observed over the course of a year. Four of those players were eventually discovered to have suffered concussions which were never diagnosed because there were no outward signs of injury. That means that the players stayed in the game, taking many more physical hits to the head, exposed to grave risk of permanent injury.

Over the course of the year, many of these high school players received over 1,800 hits to the head during football games and practice. Some of those hits ultimately result in brain injuries that do not have any outward symptoms but that may add up to long-term problems. As one medical expert in the field explained, “there could be changes that may not affect the player now but might affect them 10 or 20 years later.”

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti are well aware of the perilous situation faced by all those who suffer head injuries. The risk is obviously compounded when a particular individual is not aware that they have even been hurt. When they do not know of the injury, there is no treatment and the risky behavior continues-like remaining on the football field. It is vital for all parents to ensure that their child athletes are given close examination and care any time that a brain injury may have been suffered. With injuries like this, it is almost better to error on the side of caution.

Please Click Here to read more about this new brain injury report.

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