Illinois Brain Injuries Can Permanently Change Family Lives

When a local community members falls victims to an Illinois traumatic brain injury, their life may be forever changed. However, it is usually more than the victim of the physical injury who must deal with the consequences of the accident. The family members of the victim often also have their daily routine’s forever changed as they help their loved one adapt after the accident. Of course, that is not even counting the extreme mental and emotional suffering that often comes after one suffers a brain injury.

Late last week the Pittsburgh Tribune Live discussed how these traumatic brain injuries can immediately change the lives of family-often reversing family roles in an instant. For example, one woman interviewed for the story explains how her life was forever changed in 1995 when her now-thirty six year old son was involved in a motorcycle accident. Her son suffered damage to the left frontal lobe of his brain. He immediately needed close care, and his mother stepped up to provide it-even though she wasn’t sure what to do. She admits that she desperately needed help and resources to perform the task.

After fighting on her own to cope with the consequences of the injury, the woman teamed up with another woman who was in a similar situation and created an organization to help parents whose children have suffered brain injuries. As the women explain, being a caregiver for those with these injuries can be very difficult and affect everything from marriages and jobs to other family dynamics. As one caregiver explains, “when it’s an adult child or a spouse, someone has to take over a lot of responsibility. Roles have to change.”

Brain injuries come in a variety of forms. They may include memory loss, confusion, loss of sense, and sleep disturbance. Of course, the most traumatic injuries can prevent individuals from conducting basic tasks for themselves. One father who is caring for his son explained that he essentially went back to childhood, with someone needed to change diapers, help with showers, and similar tasks. Many victims are no longer able to walk. It is important that victims continue to work to get their lives back, but many will never able to return to the exact same state that they were in before the accident.

Our Illinois head injury attorneys are well versed in the trials and tribulations of families who are forced to reshape their lives because of the consequences of these accidents. Unfortunately, many of these injuries would have been avoided if others would have acted reasonably. Whether it is doctor that does not act appropriately when providing medical care or drivers that cause a serious accident, all victims deserve the right to receive compensation for losses caused by others. If you or someone you know is in this situation, be sure to contact our office to see how we can help. No family should go through this process alone, and it is vital that those who suffer these brain injuries through the fault of another have the resources available to receive the care that they need.

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