Illinois Brain Injuries Continue to Affect Student Athletes

The Chicago Tribune recently turned a spotlight on the current debate in the state of Illinois regarding the prevalence of brain injuries-typically concussions-that affect many young area athletes.

The issue has received widespread attention lately following many high-profile examples of the consequences of repeated brain injuries. One doctor explained an important issue in the debate, goal, noting that “The key to concussions is early diagnosis. If you run right back to your sport or a lot of physical activity or your normal life, like schoolwork and stuff, that’s like a big second stress on the brain.”

Unfortunately, many athletes feel pressure from a variety of sources to return to a game as soon as possible after suffering one of these injuries. The failure to receive proper rest places burden on the injury and harms the recovery.

Blog readers are aware that the Illinois General Assembly is considering new regulations that would seek to limit the prevalence of these injuries. The bill proposes various education and awareness efforts to place the issue higher on the priority list for athletes, coaches, and parents. This legislation coincides with some helmet manufacturers efforts to improve safety. Many of the companies have come under pressure for inadequate designs that have knowingly led to far more brain injuries than should occur with proper helmet creation. Some Illinois brain injury lawsuits have been filed against those manufacturers for problems which often heave deadly consequences.

Our Chicago brain injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti are experts in understanding the legal issues following mistakes that lead to injuries of this kind. The causes of brain injuries are varied and can include poor manufacturing as well as hospital errors that lead to permanent brain damage. Following these accidents, it is important to know how medical bills will be covered, that insurance procedures are underway, and that the injured victim will survive financially.

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