Illinois Passes Soccer Goal Safety Law to Prevent Brain Injuries

A new Illinois law requires that movable soccer goals must be properly anchored and checked to make sure that they will not tip over while kids are playing soccer. Our Illinois brain injury attorneys are happy to see this new law as it comes as a response to multiple deaths and severe head and brain injuries that have resulted from movable soccer goals tipping over and landing on young children. The law is known as “Zach’s Law” and is named after a young Illinois boy who was killed eight years ago by a goal that tipped over and landed on top of him. There have been three other incidents in Illinois where children have been injured by these movable goals. The new law is aimed to make people aware of how avoidable this type of injury is as long as the goal is anchored properly and the time is taken to make sure that the goal is stable and safe for kids to play around. The goals must be removed and stored in a specific way and only park employees are authorized to remove and install any goals that are owned by the district. The reason for this is to try to make sure that the people that are in charge of installing and removing the goals have the proper training and that they will exercise the most care possible in handling the goals. Aside from just requiring the proper inspection of the goals, the new law also bans the manufacture or sale of any new soccer goals that are not tip-resistant.

The family of the young boy who the law is named after started a non-profit group named Anchored for Safety with a goal of promoting soccer goal safety and pushing for legislation to deal with soccer goal safety. While it did take time, the family is happy that Illinois responded and enacted a soccer goal safety law. The Illinois law comes shortly after several other states have enacted laws that are similar to this one, aiming at protecting child from death or brain injury from movable soccer goals that were not properly anchored. This law is very important because it is a way to help keep children safe from death or serious brain injury. Any time there are measures that can be taken to protect people and keep avoidable injuries from happening, these measures should always be taken to help protect people from serious personal injury.

While many may not realize that soccer goals can be a danger to players, they can be very dangerous if they are not properly installed, double-checked and unfortunately more people have been injured by soccer goals than necessary given how easily this problem could be avoided with proper caution. If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury from a movable soccer goal that was not properly anchored to the ground, and this was the result of someone’s negligence in installing the goal, please contact our Chicago personal injury lawyer today to discuss the options that are available to you and to your family.

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