Inadequate Medical Response to Brain Bleeding Leads to Malpractice Verdict

Brain injury lawsuits often refer to traumatic injuries caused by severe head trauma-like a car accident, slip and fall, or sports accident. However, brain injuries can also be caused by medical malpractice. Often they involve inadequate responses by a medical team to a clear brain injury. The consequences of the injury on the patient can be the same no matter what the cause.

An article this weekend from the Coloradoan explains one such brain injury lawsuit case which was rooted in malpractice. In 2006 a young mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke which may have been prevented had her doctor acted appropriately. She went to the emergency room at her local hospital explaining that she had intense headaches. Doctors soon discovered that she had dangerously high blood pressure. She had been receiving treatment for multiple sclerosis which comes with steroids that might cause the blood pressure spike.

Unfortunately, the woman’s sever brain injury-bleeding-was misdiagnosed as a migraine. She was given pain medicine and sent home.

The next morning the headache was gone, but so was the woman’s ability to walk or talk. She had to be rushed back to the hospital. For awhile her family wasn’t sure if she was going to survive. Fortunately she did pull through, but not without permanent damages. She has paralysis of various parts of her body and has trouble walking. She is unable to use most of the right side of her body. Basic tasks are often a challenge and she needs around-the-clock help. In a particularly emotional portion of the trial the mother of two explained that her children are now required to provide a lot of help for her instead of the other way around. Once very active, the woman can no longer perform favorite activities like skiing and cycling.

A medical malpractice lawsuit was eventually filed by the family against the negligent medical staff that failed to catch her serious health problem when she went into the emergency room the first time. After a month-long trial the jury in the case found that the emergency room physician was negligent. The family was awarded $3.9 million for their losses.

Families who have loved ones face severe, permanent injuries because of unreasonable medical care are understandably shocked and angered by the situation. Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers appreciate that all resident respect their medical providers and expect that they will receive reasonable care whenever they visit a medical facility. This is particularly true in emergency situations when life and death is on the line.

Doctors are not required to guarantee any specific outcome. However, all medical providers are not allowed to provide care that falls below the reasonable standards expected of all providers. Failure in that regard is medical malpractice and allows the individual hurt by the conduct to seek redress to help recover and make themselves whole. If you or someone you know suffered a head injury or any other harm and you suspect inadequate medical care might, be sure to get in touch with a legal professional to explain the situation.

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