Infant Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury in Auto Accident

Most headlines in recent weeks about traumatic brain injuries involve sports related head trauma and injuries suffered by our service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both of these issues are of particular importance, because awareness of the problem and the need to find better treatments has the potential to improve the life of millions of our community members. However, focused attention on these two causes of head injury sometimes obscures the fact that the majority of traumatic brain injury are still caused by automobile accidents. Improving traffic safety will go a long way to preventing head injuries.

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys know that the most vulnerable members of our society-young infants-often experience these head injuries in car accidents. The incidents can affect the youngster throughout the rest of their life. For example, the Canton-Sixes Patch discussed a car accident in the area that led to a baby suffering one of these injuries. According to reports the accident occurred last week involving two vehicles on a bridge. Apparently a Ford Focus and Dodge pick-up truck were traveling in different direction across the bridge when for some reason the two car collided head-on. Head-on collisions remain the most damaging of auto accidents because the forces on the car (and those inside) are at their highest.

The driver of the pick-up truck suffered possible broken bones in his lower extremities, and the pick-up passenger suffered a neck injury. Those in the smaller car suffered even more harm. Both the driver and passenger (the baby’s parents) were killed in the collision. The baby was in the back seat at the time of the accident. When emergency crews arrived they noted that the child had a broken leg and had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

It is still early in the in the investigation, but some eye witness accounts suggest that the Ford Focus may have crossed the center line when traveling on the bridge. The drifting led to the collision with the pick-up truck. Investigators are now trying to understand what led the driver to drift across the center lane. Making that determination conclusively is often difficult, particularly when there is no one who was in the car who will be able to provide first-hand accounts of the situation just before the crash.

The Chicago injury lawyers at our firm have helped many in these situations. When it comes to automobile accidents, a range of factors are implicated in the legal analysis. The conduct of bother parties and the circumstances which led to the accident all play a role in how the situation will be adjudicated. Insurance companies are almost always involved in these situations. It is important for residents to remember that the insurance company is virtually guaranteed to look out for its own financial interest. That means making payouts that are as small as possible. In many cases those payouts are so small that they cannot even cover the expenses incurred by those involved. It is always prudent to seek out professional legal help to ensure that you are receiving fair recovery for your losses.

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