Injured Student Sues in Connection with Brain Injury

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys recently learned about a lawsuit in which the victim and her family are suing her former university, the state school board, several companies associated with a fraternity, the young girl’s sorority, as well as multiple other people in connection with the brain injuries that the young woman sustained in a fall that occurred two years ago. The brain injury lawsuit alleges that the sophomore student was a sorority sister that was at a party, with her sorority, at a fraternity house when she fell from three flights up out of a window. The brain injury lawsuit is against the fraternity for failing to keep the fraternity house safe enough to prevent people from falling from the windows and also for allowing underage students to drink on the premises without questioning them about whether they were of legal drinking age.

According to The Standard-Examiner, the young girl was laying in a bunk bed that belonged to a member of the fraternity, with the fraternity brother, that was pressed right up against the window when she fell the three stories, and the window did not have any preventative measures on it to ensure that someone would not easily fall out of the window. The brain injury lawsuit also alleges that the fraternity and its members did not do anything to keep underage people from drinking in the house, and acted negligently in allowing minors to consume alcohol on the premises.

The brain injury lawsuit is not only against the fraternity, but includes the university that the students were enrolled in , since they require students to live on campus and therefore were negligent in allowing the unsafe windows in the fraternity house, and that the university owed the students a duty of care that included making sure that all windows were protected and safe to be around. The young girl’s sorority was also named in the brain injury lawsuit because the sorority has a policy that they will monitor and make sure that underclassmen do not consume alcohol, and in this particular case there is no evidence that any of the older sisters attempted to stop the underage sorority sister from drinking on the night the brain injury occurred.

The victim’s injuries include a traumatic brain injury, as well as other physical injuries, and she has been working hard ever since the fall occurred to learn how to speak and walk again, and is trying to get back to having a normal lifestyle. The brain injury lawsuit seeks damages for the girl’s medical bills, for travel expenses (since her parents did not live in the area), and for other pain and suffering damages associated with the terrible incident.

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury as a result of the negligence of another, or of a group of people, please contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys to find out what options you may have available to you to receive compensation from the parties that are responsible for your personal injuries. Our Chicago brain injury attorneys have helped clients out all over Illinois, and are here and ready to hear about what has happened to you and help you get the justice that you deserve.

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