Jury Awards $12M to Traumatic Brain Injury Victim

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys recently learned of a brain injury lawsuit that resulted in a verdict for the injured party for over $12 million dollars. The lawsuit was filed against a truck company by a driver that was severely injured after one of the company’s trucks lost its rear axle, which then crashed into to the victim’s car. When the victim’s car was struck, he suffered from a head injury as well as injuries to his spinal cord. The victim’s head injuries resulted in a traumatic brain injury and the victim now suffers from memory loss, a change in personality, has trouble concentrating, and has trouble paying attention. The traumatic brain injury lawsuit alleged that because of the truck company’s negligence in allowing the truck to be on the road with the axle loose, the brain injury victim suffered these injuries, most of which will continue to bother him throughout his lifetime.

The brain injury lawsuit sought compensation for the medical bills that the victim has already incurred, and for the medical bills he will continue to have to pay as a result of his severe brain injuries, as well as sought money for his loss of wages. According to About Lawsuits, the victim had to leave his job as an airline mechanic because of the permanent injuries that he sustained in the car accident. The trucking company claimed that the victim’s injuries were not as bad as he was claiming, and that he was not really suffering from the traumatic brain injury and chronic pain that the lawsuit alleged. However, the jury at the brain injury trial determined that the victim was not misrepresenting his injuries, and found for the victim, and the trucking company will be required to pay over $12 million dollars in total damages in connection with the negligence lawsuit.

Unfortunately, many traumatic brain injuries (which are brain injuries that are caused by hard hit or shaking of the brain against the skull) result from car accidents and can require a great deal of care throughout the victim’s lifetime. Aside from the medical costs associated with this type of injury, since the brain is affected many victims suffer personality and emotional changes in addition to the physical pain and suffering that results from the injury. Because of this, most brain injury lawsuits seek not only damages for physical pain but also for the emotional pain that the victim and their family suffers through because of the brain injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as a result of another person or company’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover damages from the party responsible. Our personal injury law firm has helped clients all over Illinois recover millions of dollars in damages based on their brain injury lawsuits. Our Chicago based brain injury attorneys are available at any time to talk to you about your injury and to discuss what possible next steps may be available to you and your loved ones, so please do not hesitate to call our offices today!

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