Juvenile Correction Center Fight Leads to Brain Injury

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys just read a story about how there have been multiple violent encounters at a juvenile correctional center in the period of a just a week. During one of the recent fights over fifteen kids were involved and the guards had a lot of trouble breaking up the fight and several kids suffered personal injuries in that fight. The other fight that occurred in the same week involved about seven of the kids at the center. In addition to these fights that were so close to each other, the center has had other fights in the recent past that have caused worries among those in charge. Earlier this summer one boy was involved in an altercation and ended up suffering from a brain injury as a result of the hit to the head he suffered in the violent events at the correctional center.

The Oklahoma juvenile affairs department has called a meeting to discuss what can be done in these juvenile detention facilities in order to reduce the chances of more altercations like these from happening. According to News OK, one possibility that the department is considering is arming the security officers, with pepper spray and restraint devices, in the hopes that the personnel will at least be better prepared to stop any fights before any more kids get seriously injured. The high volume of fights is believed to be connected with the fact that the juveniles were recently moved out of a higher security facility, and into the current facility.

The fights have been pretty serious with kids throwing punches, kicking each other and rolling around on the ground, and a couple of kids have had to go to the hospital to have their injuries checked out because of the severity. With this level of violence occurring when fights break out at the correctional center, it is no surprise that the authorities are worried about what may happen to these kids if something is not done very soon. There has already been one brain injury and something must be done before there are any more of these serious injuries at the correctional center. Whether the victim and his family will file a personal injury lawsuit against the center alleging negligence in allowing the young man to be beaten to the point of suffering a brain injury is unknown at this time, but it may be a possibility since the center owes a certain duty of care to protect those young children that are under their supervision.

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys have helped out victims of brain injuries, and their families, recover monetary damages in connection with their lawsuits, and our goal is to make those responsible for causing another’s injuries be held responsible for what they have done. If you or a loved one suffered a severe personal injury that you believe was due to negligence on the part of someone else, please do not hesitate to contract our Illinois personal injury attorneys right away to discuss what possible options are available to you and to you family.

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