Lawsuit Filed After Inmate Suffers Brain Injury

Our Chicago brain injury lawyers know that these types of accidents can strike in a variety of situations, each of which may have severe consequences. Head injuries are much more common in certain types of situation, however—such as in physical sports or following complications in childbirth. Time and again those in our area suffer concussions, oxygen deprivation to the brain, and other damage that have the ability to cause permanent disability and even to end lives. The seriousness of these accidents should spur all those in a position to prevent the problem from occurring. This might involve ensuring that proper procedures are followed to prevent concussions during a football game or taking timely, emergency steps so that an infant has continuous oxygen flow into the brain.

However, brain injuries can arise for a number of reasons, and they should try to be prevented in all cases. The Bangor Daily News reported this week reported on a very unique that is spurring debate across the country. The situation revolves around an attempted suicide by a man who was an inmate at a county jail. The 24-year old man at the heart of the matter was jailed in 2009 on charges of domestic violence and criminal mischief. The man seemed particularly distraught by his situation in life and his legal problems. Upon his admission to the facility he was interviewed by an officer and when asked whether he had considered killing himself, he reported that he had. He went on to elaborate that his life was over, and that he felt ashamed for disappointing his young three year old daughter. In addition, the young man admitted being treated at a psychological hospital three weeks early.

The man was put in a jail cell for a few days. On one occasion he told a guard that if was not going to be able to be on the outside with his daughter than it was better if he weren’t alive at all. The 24-year old man admitted that he felt like he was losing his mind. That same day at a court appearance, the man explained out loud that if he was not freed he would kill himself that night. Bail was denied and he was taken back to his cell that afternoon. Within a half an hour he was found hanging in this cell. He was taken down and rushed to an emergency room. The man was in a coma for five days. He suffered a permanent brain injury that will require expensive, life-long care to treat. The man’s mother eventually filed a brain injury lawsuit claiming that the correctional officers should have done more to prevent their son from attempting suicide, which ultimately caused the injuries. The projected cost of the institutionalized medical care alone is $9 million.

Of course, there are many unique issues in this particular case. Our Illinois brain injury lawyers know that many community members have different feelings about the merit of a case such as this when compared to other common head trauma cases. However, it is important that all those who have claims that another violated a duty of care which led to the injury be allowed to at least raise the issue. The legal system is capable of rooting through the complications and allowing an impartial jury made up of community members to decide the issues of fact if it gets to that point.

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