Legal Fairness & The Chamber of Commerce

When someone suffers a brain injury as the resut of the negligence of another, it seems obvious that they should be entitled to redress for their losses. However, the attorneys at our firm know well that, far from common sense solutions in these cases to ensure accountability and compensation, many parties–particularly big busineses–often do everything in their power to avoid being held accountable for their negligence. Sadly, the business community is usually motivated solely by self-interest, even if that means taking away the rights of others and advocating in a hypocritical manner.

Take, for example, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. As the nation’s premier advocacy group for business interests, the organization, unfortuantely, acts in ways that might be good for certain big businesses but terrible for the community as a whole. Recently, the American Association for Justice put together a slideshow that list ten different ways that the conduct of the Chamber harms the nation. Please click here to be taken to the full slideshow on the AAJ website.

Quickly glancing through the list is a helpful way to be reminded of some of the policy debates that continue to rage and that affect all of us. From the outset it is important to note that 55% of the funding for the entire national Chamber comes from just 16 mega-companies. While the entity claims to speak for both big and small businesses, the reality is that the vast majority of its work is geared toward advancing the interests of the largest, most profitable companies. Many of the local Chambers have cut ties with the national organization as a result of this reality.

It should comes as no surprise then that the community has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to take away basic legal rights from community members hurt by the actions of those big businesses. Instead of defending themselves in the civil justice system and paying compesnation when judges and juries determine their action to have caused harm, these big businesses simply want blanket immunity from certain large damages. Under the guise of “tort reform” laws the Chamber and its big business backers have wrecked havoc on the legal rights of all those harmed by dangerous products or defective services.

Sadly, the Chamber also leads in effort to ensure all state and local business regulation is cut back. Federal and state regulations are almost always aimed at enusring reasonable safety standards are met. Yet, the Chamber and its big corporation backers fight all efforts to keep those standards high. As a result there is a greater risk of dangerous or defective products making their way into the stream of commerce. Combined with the effort to pull back on legal rights, these all works to make the community less safe and ensure those harmed have less ability to receive compensation for their losses. This is a big win for big business but incredibly harmful to the vast majority of society.

If you or someone you know may have suffered a brain injury or any other type of harm as a result of the conduct of a big business, be sure to call our office to see how we can help. Our team of attorneys is proud to fight for the rights of all those harmed by the misconduct of others, no matter have big and powerful the business.

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