Man awarded $14 million for a brain injury sustained during automobile chase

The Hartford Courant reported a man was awarded $14 million dollars after the Town of Clinton was found liable for man’s injuries. The victim was a passenger in a car involved in a car chase with a volunteer firefighter. The volunteer firefighter called the Town of Clinton Police Department and was encouraged by a dispatcher to continue chasing the car.

After an eight minute chase, the victim’s car crashed into a tree. The victim suffered severe brain damage and is expected to be institutionalized for the rest of his life. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 360 people are killed each year in police related pursuits.

As a result of this staggering statistic, many police forces have considered the possibility of more restrictive police chases. It is important for some police forces to recognize the risks of chasing a vehicle for minor offenses.

After hearing the case for just over one week, a jury found the Town of Clinton negligent and the cause of Walter Hopkins’ injuries. The victim was awarded $14 million dollars which will go towards his medical costs.

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys recognize the serious emotional and physical effects of a head injury. We encourage everyone to be cautious before driving a motor vehicle. If you know of a victim who has suffered a head injury as a result of an automobile chase, please contact a personal injury attorney to seek redress.

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