Man suffers brain injury after falling at a local horse track and casino

The Star Press recently reported on a lawsuit that was filed against a local horse track and casino after a 71 year old man fell and died as a result of his injuries. The man allegedly tripped over some obstruction or defects before falling to the ground. After his fall, the man suffered from a traumatic brain injury (subarachnoid hemorrhage) causing his death.

A subarachnoid hemorrhage is bleeding in the subarachnoid space. This is the area between the brain and the thin tissues that cover the brain. Unfortunately, this is the most common type of brain injury caused by falls. In fact, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, most injury-related subarachnoid hemorrhages are seen in the elderly who have fallen and hit their head.

The main symptom of this type of brain injury is a severe headache. This headache typically starts suddenly and is worse towards the back of the head. A victim may also feel a popping or snapping feeling in the head before the headache begins. Brain injuries from falls are not limited to the elderly. For example, recently, a child suffered a brain injury after sustaining a fall at day care.

Our Chicago brain injury attorneys at Levin and Perconti have represented similar victims of brain injuries caused by falls. We understand the struggles of the victim and the difficulties their family endures when a loved one suffers from a traumatic brain injury. If you believe your family member may have been a victim, we may be able to help you and your loved one seek justice. Contact one of our Illinois brain injury attorneys today.

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