Many Illinois Brain Injury Victims Never Fully Recover

The Chicago brain injury lawyers at our firm have worked with enough victims of head trauma to appreciate the fact that many victims are never able to fully recover and live exactly as they did before. The disturbing reality about these injuries is that doctors remain mostly in the dark about the best way to get a patient’s brain back to normal after it experiences trauma. This has significant ramifications for the legal aspect of these injuries if they are caused by the negligence of others. For one thing, if a victim has their life forever altered by the accident, then that seriousness will be reflected in the damages that are sought following the filing of an Illinois brain injury lawsuit.

Recently, Tallahassee News reported on the tough future faced by many brain injury victims who often have their lives forever changed in an instant. Many victims are young children and teens, who are forced to deal with challenges that few their age ever consider. For example, one teen girl was riding on her horse two years ago, something she had done a thousand times before, when an accident struck. Her horse stepped into a hole where a fence post had been removed and the girl was thrown to the ground. During the fall her head slammed onto the hard clay surface below and she suffered a traumatic brain injury. It took more than a month in intensive care and months of physical therapy before she slowly began to get her life back together. The young girl had to re-learn everything from walking and talking to swallowing. While she continues to push past the problems and hopes to recover as much as possible, the girl admits that some things may be forever altered. She explained that that she just has to “adjust to the new normal.”

Many others have found themselves in a similar situation. In fact, many support groups have been created where victims of these accidents meet to discuss their situation. One group in the area includes nine young adults who meet regularly to talk about the progress of their treatment, career plans, and other things about their future. The group was founded by a man who works with the state’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. His work with the victims of these accidents and led him to come up with the idea of bringing all the victims together so that they knew they were not alone. He explained that many victims, “were pretty much alone in their injury,” and he decided that “it only made sense to get them all together.”

The Illinois brain injury lawyers at our firm understand the feeling of helplessness that can come with these injuries. We want to remind all victims that help is available. Not all brain injuries are the result of negligence on the part of another. However, in many cases the injury could and should have been prevented if another had acted in a reasonable manner. In those situations the law is clear in providing a remedy for the victims to help them deal with the complications and prolonged recovery efforts.

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