March is Brain Injury Awareness Month 1

More than one and a half million Americans will suffer a traumatic brain injury at some point this year. That means that it is likely that many readers will have a friend or family member has to deal with one of these injuries. For that reason, raising awareness of the prevention and treatment options for brain injuries is always an important goal. As part of the effort, many advocacy groups have declared March to be Brain Injury Awareness Month 2012. The drive is being recognized by those throughout North America and includes a wide range of activities and information-sharing events. Our Illinois traumatic brain injury attorneys recognize the important role that these advocacy efforts have in helping prevent future injuries and supporting those who are dealing with the consequences already.

A new story from Yahoo News discussed the efforts that some are making as part of the awareness month. For example, one brain injury survivor has created an online interactive space known as “My Positive Experience” where TBI victims and their loved ones can discuss their experiences. The author of the site who writes about his own experiences hopes to use the location to give a voice to those who are dealing with a TBI or are helping others deal with it.

In addition, My Positive Perspective includes a series of videos for all to view, including discussions with many experts on the topics of neurology. One helpful video from a board certified chiropractic neurologist is entitled “Six Important Factors for Brain Health.” By discussing basic information about the workings of the mind, the video shares information helpful all community members, even those who have not experienced a traumatic brain injury.

The Chicago brain injury attorneys at our firm fully support the efforts of all those working this month and throughout the year to draw attention to TBIs. For those who want to participate more, Wednesday, March 21st has been designated brain injury awareness day on Capitol Hill. Advocates from across the continent will descend on Washington D.C. to promote various legislative issues which have some impact on the lives of TBI victims and their loved ones. Brain injury awareness day will begin with a fair to share information about the injury. Later in the afternoon there will be a briefing on the impact of TBIs in a congressional meeting room in the Capitol Visitors Center. A reception will end the day where supports can mingle with many policymakers to discuss these issues. Brain injury awareness month and the Capitol Hill awareness day is spearheaded by the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force and supported by groups like the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA).

Brain injuries can strike anyone at any time, because their causes are so varied. From car accidents to accidental falls, there always remains some risk of suffering head trauma which causes one of these injuries. However, basic reasonable steps can be taken to limit that risk. Driving carefully, wearing protective gear when playing sports, and other common sense steps can go a long way to preventing these injuries. We encourage all residents to take the time to educate themselves about TBIs and consider the ways that they can take small steps in their own lives to keep themselves safe.

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