Musician Shares Inspiring Brain Injury Recovery Story

Late last week Seacoast Online published a heartwarming story that shares the struggle that many brain injury victims go through on their road to recovery. The story highlights the case of one man, a musician, who claims that his love of music provided a path to his recovery. Our Chicago brain injury lawyers are aware that there is still much to learn about recovery from these injuries. Pinning down best practices in brain injury treatment remains a mystery to many medical researchers.

The man in this story was a 34year old budding musician when his life was forever changed by a brain injury. At the time he was playing various clubs in New York City on a daily basis. One night, in the middle of a performance, he suffered a stroke on the stage-caused by a malformed blood vessel. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors did everything they could to save him. His prognosis remained unknown and his pregnant wife was told that even if he did survive, “there won’t be much left of the man you know.” This is a common issue with all brain injury victims because, unlike other injuries, brain damage has the ability to permanently alter so many aspects of a person, including their personality.

Fortunately, the man did survive, and in an inspiring presentation to a local brain injury organization, he explained how recovery worked in his case. He admits that his recover was not easy or without complications. Shortly after the stroke he developed multiple infections, one of which led to meningitis. In addition, he was faced with seizures and at one point was put in an induced coma. He ultimately spent months in intensive care. For much of that time he had trouble sitting up, swallowing, or moving in any way. The family explains that doctors were pretty negative overall, hoping to not give the family any false hope that he might improve.

At first the man had no short term memory and struggled to connect with his surroundings. However, very slowly, he began recovering. He began feeling emotions again, regaining his memories, and re-learning all the basic skills he had lost. The man credits his love of music as an integral part of his recovery. He always tried to stay positive, even in the face of crushing odds. In fact, his recovery has been documented in an award-winning 2009 documentary entitled “Life. Support. Music.” He now spends his time traveling across the country to help inspire those who are still in the midst of their own brain injury recovery.

Each Chicago brain injury lawyer at our firm has worked with families facing these same situations. We know of the extreme emotions involved in working so hard to help a family member see improvement, only to face setback after setback. The situation is made even more unbearable when resources are not available to ensure that the victim is given the best chance possible. Many therapies and treatment options may actually work, but they are of no use if families do not have the funds to have the help they need.

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