Mystery surrounding a woman’s severe brain injury

Our Chicago injury attorneys are puzzled over the cause of a woman’s brain injury that we recently read about. According to Times Union, a 42-year-old single mother of three children was knocked unconscious by her ex-boyfriend. Her unconscious state turned into a six-week coma. The woman suffered from multiple brain contusions and skull fractures. When she awoke from the traumatic brain injury, she had to relearn simple things like how to walk or talk.

Parents of the woman filed a brain injury lawsuit. The suit claims that the woman slipped on the ex-boyfriend’s driveway. The condition of the driveway was icy and, according to the lawsuit, not in a reasonably safe condition. The ex-boyfriend, who was inebriated at the time, tried to pick her up but he dropped her several times. This caused her head to violently strike the ground several times. The ex-boyfriend then called his parents who came and drove them to the hospital. 911 was never called.

The parents of the woman claim that the ex-boyfriend and his family never explained significant details to medical personal regarding the injury. According to the police, the ex-boyfriend told the emergency medical personnel that she merely slipped on the driveway. This resulted in a delayed treatment and complicated the medical care. The woman had to be transferred to a medical center that had the facilities to treat a severe brain trauma. The doctors concluded that it was not possible for the woman to sustain such severe brain injury from a fall.

Police and investigators are still trying to find the cause of the injury. After the incident, the ex-boyfriend immediately hired a lawyer and refused to answer any questions by investigators regarding the incident. 60 people have been interviewed regarding the incident so far. The parents are seeking a $30 million dollar recovery.

Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin and Perconti are experienced in handling complicated injuries. They understand the parent’s action in seeking recovery for the medical expenses of the daughter and the emotionally traumatic experience suffered by her children and parents. Hopefully the mystery surrounding the infliction of brain damage on their daughter will be solved soon.

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