New Illinois Concussion Law In Effect for New School Year

Our Illinois brain injury attorneys are very interested by the new Illinois law requiring all student athletes to be cleared by a doctor, when they show any signs of a concussion, before they are allowed back in the game or on the field. This new law was adopted earlier this year to be effective immediately, and with the new school year beginning and a new high school football season starting, this concussion law will hopefully begin to reduce the number of long term brain injuries suffered by football players who get hit in the head again before they are fully recovered from a previous concussion. Although the law itself is new to the state of Illinois, 27 other states have already adopted a similar type of law and many Illinois schools had similar policies in place in order to help protect their students that were showing signs of a concussion after receiving a hit to the head.

This law, and similar policies that were implemented by schools prior to this new Illinois law going into effect, come in the wake of the realization that many serious brain injuries in football players were linked to the players suffering years of concussions. Up until just recently football players were usually sent back on the field shortly after suffering a possible concussion, and recent studies have shown that this may have been what caused a great number of long-term severe brain damage and in some cases even death. According to The Chicago Tribune, the number of school age children coming into the emergency room for concussions has drastically increased, and more children have been receiving the treatment that they needed, likely because of the increased awareness of the possible danger of repeated concussions that are not handled appropriately.

Upon learning of the danger of not fully checking out an athlete following a hit to the head, many coaches, teachers, parents and school boards have fought for and implemented changes in schools. While it was a great start for schools to take action, our Illinois personal injury attorneys were very happy to learn that Illinois lawmakers decided to take more action and implement a concussion law for the state of Illinois. This statewide law will hopefully injure that all student athletes are treated properly following a head injury and greatly reduce the number of brain injuries suffered by our Illinois athletes.

As the new school year begins, our Illinois brain injury attorneys feel much better knowing that student athletes in Illinois will have to be cleared by a doctor after suffering any hit to the head that appears to have caused a concussion. The law will also offer more concussion education and awareness in the school system. The law does not aim to stop players that are safe to go back on the field from being able to play, but hopefully will keep players that need to remain out of the game off the field until their injury has had time to heal. Brain injuries that are preventable, such as ones that result from numerous blows to the head in sports, are especially upsetting because they could have been avoided if only the proper precautions were taken and that is why this law is so important. Our Illinois personal injury lawyers hope to see less of these preventable brain injuries as a result of the new law.

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