New Illinois Law Aims to Protect Children from Brain Injury

A recent Illinois law was just passed that requires that all student athletes in Illinois that suffer from a concussion get approval from a doctor before they are allowed to play again. Our Illinois brain injury attorneys are so happy to hear about this new law, especially because of all the professional athletes that have suffered severe brain injuries after years of suffering concussions and going right back out on the field. According to the Courthouse News Service, the law will take effect immediately and was enacted after legislators saw all the dangers that were associated with allowing National Football League (NFL) players to keep playing without much medical attention after suffering concussions. In addition to requiring medical approval before being allowed to play again, the law will also require that coaches, parents, referees and all players receive more education about concussions so everyone involved is aware of the potential dangers and can better make informed decisions.

This issue has recently been very controversial, in light of former players from the NFL realizing that many of them have permanent brain damage as a result of years of hits to the head and going back on the field after concussions. The NFL did not warn the players of the dangers of repetitive concussions until just recently, and there is currently a major lawsuit against the NFL that was brought by former players. The NFL lawsuit alleges that the NFL knew of the dangers to the players long before they began warning them and that they were negligent and had a duty to warn the players of any dangers they were aware of that was associated with the sport.

The reason that it is so important to be aware of the dangers of multiple concussions and always be fully checked out by a doctor after receiving a concussion is that if a person suffers from multiple concussions they run the risk of incurring permanent brain injuries. A concussion is a shaking of the brain against the skull, which often times does not cause serious or permanent damage when it occur once but can cause long term damage if the injury is continuous. Having a doctor check out a patient immediately after a concussion and before they are allowed to be back out on the field is very important so that if the injury is more serious, the injured person takes the appropriate time necessary to recover and does not risk more severe injury.

Our Illinois personal injury law firm is happy to see that the Illinois legislature is taking action to try and help with this growing problem and to ensure that all Illinois child athletes are receiving the proper medical attention and care that they all deserve if they suffer an injury while playing sports. While it is unfortunate that it took something as terrible as many former players being seriously injured to make a change, hopefully this new law will help protect athletes and reduce the number of brain injuries that result from sports.

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